Letters: How will distracted driving law be enforced?

Johnson City Press • Jul 12, 2019 at 6:00 AM

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How will distracted driving law be enforced?

Tennessee has a new law: if, after July 1, you are driving while using a cellphone or mobile device, you may get a ticket.

The hands-free law sounds good on paper, but will it actually work? I mean, with so many cellphone motorists on the highway, police officers won’t have the time or manpower to deal with other crimes.

Police officer to another: “Sorry, Fred, we can’t pull over that cellphone driver because the shoulder of the road is already full.”


We need a third-party moderate

I would like to reply to Barbara Crowe's letter (July 2). She seems to think we would be better off with a Democrat for president than Trump. I agree, but only to the tiniest degree. The Democrat Party seems to be running as far to the left as it can go, with even Joe Biden now saying he regrets supporting the Hatch Amendment that has kept taxpayers from paying directly for abortions for Medicaid recipients. (Of course, Planned Parenthood has been refunded at least twice under the Trump administration.) If the Hatch Amendment is overturned, taxpayers will be forced to pay for the genocide of the pre-born poor. For this reason alone — and there are many others — I cannot vote for a Democrat for president.

That being said, I believe we are in grave danger with Trump, that having been compactly and glaringly demonstrated this past week in his interactions with autocrats Putin, Mohammed bin Salman (Khashoggi's murderer apparent), and Kim Jong Un.

I believe America needs to repent so that God can bless us once again.

Second, I believe we need to draft a good third-party candidate like Justin Amash. He is the only Republican in Congress who has refused to go along with the status quo in their cowardly support of Trump, no matter how outrageous his shenanigans in such things as shutting down the government for five weeks (the longest shutdown in our history). There are more people registered as Independents (and that's not counting unregistered) than there are Republicans or Democrats. A third party candidate does not have to be just a spoiler.

Please get involved by joining Twitter and becoming a vital part of the conversation. We cannot depend on Fox, MSNBC, or anyone but God and ourselves to discern the truth.


Keep Earth habitable

In Jonathan Roberts’ documentation on rainfall this year, this “just keeps coming.” He highlighted the precipitation records we have been enduring; their flooding and rain-intrusion impacts in buildings can significantly affect households and communities, financially.

One notes the accumulation of highest year- or month-to-date precipitation in this century — 2003, 2012, 2013, 2018, 2019 — when the previous respective records were long ago, in the middle of last century. Noteworthy also: between the years of massive rain, Tennessee had three emergency-level droughts this century, according to the Tennessean, each affecting more than 90% of the state.

Although the National Weather Bureau seemed to see no special reason for the anomalous situation, America’s beloved author E.B. White, in the “Rainmakers” story, spoke about modern man’s “attitude toward his natural surroundings (which is) likely to get him in trouble and even shorten his stay on earth.”

Human-induced climate change and its “extreme weather events,” now ongoing nearly all the time is one of those human attitudes White found “arresting.” Recent reports on its severity and prognostic outlook, should inaction on its cause continue, could lead to an uninhabitable earth in one or a few generations’ time.

We have known for decades about the destabilization that would result from the burning of fossil fuels, at least since June 23, 1988, when James Hansen testified on it to the Congress. The 1992 Rio Convention on Climate Change acknowledged the scientific consensus regarding it. It also obligated the 197 signatory nations to “take action to avoid dangerous (human) interference with the climate system.”

Ratified in the U.S. under the elder President Bush, the treaty obligations weren’t honored. Indeed, most of the greenhouse gases now “hot housing” the planet have been emitted in just the past 30 years.

Halting climate change must become a priority in national policy.


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