Letters: Back off my bumper!

Johnson City Press • Jul 5, 2019 at 6:00 AM

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Back off my bumper!

I read with concerned interest a reader’s previous letter regarding car tailgating.

I am fully convinced that well over half of the drivers on our streets and interstates drive over the speed limits and much too close to the car in front of them. If the car in front had to stop suddenly, an accident would likely happen.

None of the drivers, young or old, seem to understand the serious danger involved with this kind of behavior. It is the way that people in this part of the country drive.

If tickets were given for tailgating, you would see gold shingles covering the courthouse!

Johnson City

Debt is country’s biggest problem

I am constantly getting surveys asking what I think is the most critical issue that the country faces today. The national debt is seldom, if ever, listed, yet personally speaking, I believe it is the greatest issue. All of the other issues are related to this issue in one way or the other.

On the one hand, the Republicans cut taxes but keep spending at current levels without taking into consideration that costs rise. On the other hand, the Democrats want higher taxes and increase spending which eats up the tax increases. Neither way in my opinion pays down the national debt and only adds to it.

Rule 1: You cannot spend more than you take in and survive either as an individual, corporation or country.

All of these promises made about free everything would have to be made law by Congress, which makes the Congressional elections the most critical, I think, unless we go into a dictatorship.

The Democrats holler “tax the rich and the corporations” yet when tax increases are implemented, the everyday worker will see his taxes increase.

An old saying that I first heard on “The John Boy and Billy Show” still rings true: Rich people aren’t stupid and stupid people aren’t rich. In other words the rich will always find a way to protect their wealth and us dummies will fall for the old “the rich will pay for it” routine.

Either the feds take in a lot more money than we are told, or the whole bunch is financial idiots. Never think that Socialism is an equalizer. Look at any Socialist country or Communist country and you will still find an elite class at the top.


I want to believe

This is not a hoax. I have proof and photos.

I did live in a teepee for two years, then built a five floor A-frame with many ghosts. I have some photos, too.

Just some things, I believe things, I have acquired carry these spirits. For instance, a young boy had died in my van, the bridge in my house is held up by a beam that caused the death of many. A boy had drowned in my bathtub, some hear pitter-patter footsteps. I have acquired thousands of arrowheads, thousands of antiques, knives and swords, too much to list.

Strings of bad luck, like my alligator that got taken away after 10 years, my snakes of 28 years died. Many dogs died. You can feel them rub against your leg sometimes. There is a well nearby, thousands of bottles like old morphine bottles. Two girlfriends died that lived here, also three guy friends, one is a ghost here. I also have a Halloween museum in the house and this is all just part one.

Some of part two, I made a report last year to my phone of an abduction and photos of an alien craft flying in the sky. It lands close to us, and an 18-foot lizard thing gets out with a dog and a gun! I have amazing photos, one week later, I wake up with bruises all over my chest that was there and went away in minutes. This is all a must-see, no hoax.

Seeing is believing.