Letters: More than just coffee money

Johnson City Press • Jun 9, 2019 at 6:00 AM

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More than just coffee money

I read in a recent edition of the Johnson City Press that ETSU has approved another tuition and fees increase for next year of “only 2%,” which was described as "just coffee money for most people."

You would think the university would be more aware that the cost vs value equation is already out of balance and would stop making it worse.

If you have wondered why a college degree is so expensive, consider the following from ETSU's own website. The university employs over 2,200 people and only about 800 are faculty. The fringe benefits are also pretty rich as employees get 16 paid holidays, up to 24 vacation days, and 12 sick days per year.

Makes you wonder who is really benefiting from a college education, doesn't it?

Johnson City

Consider the area’s positives

When I read the responses to your question on population growth last Sunday, I was concerned that the real positives of living here were not addressed.

I did extensive research on the internet before choosing to move here. We had many a criterion:

No hurricanes, (We had been beat up by hurricane Matthew when we lived in South Carolina. West of Appalachians gets less rain from the coast storms.), not too much snow, low humidity (There are government maps that show average dew points by month. NE Tennessee is about as far south as you wanted to go if you don’t want soak your shirt going outside in the summertime.), low crime, modest cost of living, good medical facilities, university with cultural programs, and public transit. Johnson City seemed to fill the bill so we planned a trip and fell in love with area. Visits to Memorial Park Community Center and the Public Library, along with a few hikes to local waterfalls sealed the deal. We love it here.

Seems to me if word got out, you’d end up with voters who want to build a wall to keep’em all out!

Johnson City

Looking for the perfect candidate

I just got done reading the one-sided letter that was written by Jack Griffith.

I will not drag myself into a political war like he is looking for in the newspaper. He is entitled to his opinion but there is only one thing I thought of when reading what kind of person he will vote for. Nobody who is running for office on either ticket would satisfy Jack’s requirements.

So I have really bad news for him. If you are planning on voting in the 2020 presidential election, you will be voting for a write-in candidate. Nobody human will ever live up to your standards.

The only person who could fulfill the qualities you are looking for would be the Lord Jesus Christ. This is where you will have to write-in your choice because Jesus is not running on the 2020 Democrat ticket next year. So practice your penmanship.

Oh, one more thing. I wonder who he voted for when Bill Clinton ran and then when Hillary ran.


Belittlers belittling

Jack Griffith began writing a common-sense letter to the editor; a rarity from the left these days.

I was saddened when he spoke of his chosen Democrat candidate for president and one of his “friends” derided his choice. Mr. Griffith said: "I gave him a name, and he proceeded into belittling my choice and me for choosing them.”

Then I got to Griffith’s final paragraph. You, sir, wrote the book on belittling. Such irony.

Aiken, SC 

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