Letters: What makes a good candidate?

Johnson City Press • May 24, 2019 at 6:00 AM

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What makes a good candidate?

A lot of my coworkers and friends knew that I was a Democrat back in the day and they, being Republicans, sometimes gave me a lot of derision for it, sometimes good natured, sometimes not. But these folks always seemed so confidently grounded in common sense and judgment of character. I tried to respect their point of views and give them the benefit of the doubt even though I disagreed with them on most issues. Then they all voted for Donald Trump for president, and that was the end of my giving benefits of doubt.

The other day I ran into one of these old compadres, and once again he wanted to talk politics. He asked me who I liked in the Democratic field of candidates. I gave him a name, and he proceeded into belittling my choice and me for choosing them. I got the feeling that no matter which Democratic candidate I would have mentioned, I still would have been hit with an avalanche of criticism. So, I decided to come up with a standard answer if someone else asks me who I like for president.

I will simply say that they are all good candidates. None of them seem mentally unbalanced or emotionally immature. None are draft-dodging, wife-cheating, tax-evading, justice-obstructing, Russian-appeasing, immoral, unethical, pathological-lying, child-caging, Constitution-shredding, pathetically incompetent, criminally corrupt, racist, bankrupt, traitorous dogs, so any of them will do. Then I would ask, “Who do you like?”

Johnson City

Quit complaining and respect my opinions

I couldn't agree with Larry French more.

From the left-wing media to the beyond left-wing universities, we have become a nation of “if you don't share my left-wing socialist views, keep your mouth shut!” Wrong!

I spent 21 years in the Army and believe anyone should be able to voice his or her opinion. We're not always going to agree, but at least respect the other's opinion. There has got to be room for a conservative opinion as well as a liberal one. If not, we are fast becoming another Venezuela, and look how that's turning out!

So quit complaining about President Trump. Look what he could accomplish if he had some Democratic help.

We're wasting too much time with all these endless investigations. If the Democrats weren't going to accept the results of the Mueller investigation, why did we waste two years and $30 million doing it? Let's get on the with some real work: border security, infrastructure, etc., and quit wasting time. The future of the USA depends on it!

Boones Creek

Clearing the air on electric cars

Phil Kerpen’s op-ed piece on Sunday was full of misinformation. Kerpen calls for an end of subsidies for owners of electric cars.

I bought a Tesla Model 3 in November and I can assure you that this is the best money I have ever spent on a car. Model 3s start at $35,000 and with the federal tax credit of $7,500, the cost was reduced to $27,500. My Model 3 has a 308-mile range on a single charge, and I recharge it at home for $9 per “fill-up.” Away from home I fill up at Superchargers for $11.

The EPA rates Model 3s with the equivalent value of 116 mpg. So when Kerpen claims “gasoline vehicles have become vastly more environmentally friendly and fuel efficient,” this is simply not true when compared with Teslas.

Kerpen notes a problem with cobalt mining in the Congo, but each Model 3 has only 4.5 kilograms of cobalt, down from 11 kilograms in the first Tesla models. So the technology is advancing to the point of using less cobalt per vehicle.

Kerpen also claims we should no longer care about fossil fuel consumption since the U.S. has become a leading oil exporter. Yet burning fossil fuels is destroying life on this planet as all reputable scientists believe.

But whatever your opinion of climate change, most can surely see the advantage of a car that gets 116 mpg. Internal combustion engines have an efficiency rate of 20% – Model 3's rate is 85%. Kelly Blue Book gave Model 3 the 2019 Best Resell Value Award, predicting a retention of 69.3% of its value after three years.

So ignore Kerpen, support a continuation of the tax credit for going electric, choose a better technology, and save yourself some money.

Johnson City

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