Letters: Got a hunch about play’s message

Johnson City Press • Apr 5, 2019 at 6:00 AM

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Got a hunch about play’s message

This past weekend Milligan College presented its first musical production, “The Hunchback of Notre Dame,” under the direction of Dr. Carrie Klofach. The show far exceeded our expectations.

Not only did the students and staff conduct a performance worthy of a professional stage, Milligan College had the courage to address a serious issue in our culture: Christian hypocrisy. Not only was this performance risky for the Tri-Cities, it was also risky for Milligan itself, being a Christian college.

It was impossible to watch the performance without comparing Frollo the priest to our current president. As Frollo hunted the “illegals corrupting the country,” placed the gypsy (a historically racist term) for which he lusted into a cage, and ultimately burned her at the stake for illegal entry into the country, the point was undeniable. Frollo was a “man of God,” hungry for power, twisting Christianity for political and personal gain, demonizing strong women, and spreading hatred.

Ironically, a “malformed monster” called Quasimoto (so named by Frollo), recognizes the wickedness of his oppressor and chooses light over darkness. Who is the monster and who is the man, indeed? Bravo, Milligan!


Drop term limits

President George Washington, our first president of the United States of America did a good job leading our country in its first years of existence. President Abraham Lincoln did well in keeping our nation from tearing itself apart. Presidents Franklin Roosevelt and Truman led us well during and after World War II. President Eisenhower was successful in our country developing a splendid interstate road system from eastern shores to the western shores of America.

Most all of these great leaders were not prevented from serving multiple terms in office until the 22nd Amendment’s ratification in 1951. President Donald Trump has done more than any of his predecessors (by his own admission). He is "Making America Great Again" as one can easily see when we reflect over these past two years he has been in office. When he is elected again in 2020, I propose that we seriously consider seeking out our local congressmen (and women) to initiate action to rescind the 22nd Amendment so that President Trump will be free to continue his great work into the future. Our "Space Force" should be fully operational by then and we should be ready for "infinity and beyond." (My apologies to Buzz Lightyear.)

Johnson City

Religion has a place in government

Apparently Reverend Wolfe does not think "religion" should try to exert its influence in the public square, especially with reference to abortion (column March 22).

How ironic that an ordained pastor who writes an opinion piece regularly doesn't think people with religious commitments on grave moral issues should have a voice in the public square. Mr. Wolfe tries mightily to exert his influence in the public square regularly on deeply moral issues including immigration, racism, poverty and others. He even cites texts from the Bible to buttress his opinions.

There are many voices in the public square, all of them trying to influence legislation, and many of them concerned with moral and social trends that they deem worrisome. Perhaps, as a "progressive activist," Mr. Wolfe thinks more traditionally-minded religious believers ("fundamental religionists," as he calls them) should keep their mouths shut and just let him speak. How ironic indeed.

Johnson City

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