Letters: Keeping Carter County beautiful

Johnson City Press • Mar 22, 2019 at 6:00 AM

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Keeping Carter County beautiful

Thanks to all that participated in “The Blue Hole Waterfall Cleanup” on Saturday. It was a huge success! The event was successful because of all the citizens that organized, participated and that supported it. In three hours, 45 citizen volunteers moved and picked up over 1,200 pounds of trash, debris and litter. We had volunteers from California, Florida, Maggie Valley, N.C, and Bristol. Carter County was also well represented by many local volunteers and our city and county officials.

Special thanks to citizen Beverlie Margle who initiated and organized the cleanup effort. She contacted Keep Carter County Beautiful for support. KCCB was able to contact Benny Lyons, our county landfill director. Special thanks to him for providing a 30-yard roll off dumpster that he had delivered to the site. This effort made the cleanup a success and it could not have been accomplished without this critical support. KCCB also contacted all local media that helped get the word out and it worked! Thank you!

It is wonderful to see our community leaders and citizens come together and accomplish such a large job! Again many, many thanks to all who were involved.

Pictures can say a thousand words, so go visit the Blue Hole Waterfall, just one of many beautiful spots in Carter County, Tennessee!


Questions about the abortion debate

Why are a woman’s rights suspended, when she becomes classified as a “life-support system” for a fetus; a fetus that she may not want and may not have had any choice in planting within her? Was she raped? Was she preyed upon by an older or more mature male? Was she depressed and seeking escape in the pleasures of sex instead of opioids or in conjunction with them? Why is her life put on hold, while the male contributor’s rights remain unchanged? During pregnancy her life will be uncomfortable and may well be threatened. She is the feeding tube, the respirator and the sewer system to this fetus within. All this to provide life support to perhaps an unwanted living thing within her that cannot survive on its own.

I do not understand why males seeking pleasure flipping the life support system on, get to pass laws saying that she can’t turn it off.

We all have the right to pull the plug on life support for a brain dead living human that is being kept alive by means external to their body. The cortex within the fetus’s brain does not develop until six months; this is when awareness develops. The fetus is not even capable of supporting itself outside the womb until 24 weeks when responses are no longer just primitive neurological reflexes. Perhaps the criteria should be viability (24 weeks), not heartbeat (six weeks).

Johnson City


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