Letters: Stop the heartbeat bill

Johnson City Press • Mar 8, 2019 at 6:00 AM

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Stop the heartbeat bill

Micah Van Huss has just shown that his representation of his constituents is arbitrary and inconsistent. He is quite proud of his authorship of the fetal heartbeat bill and is working hard to push it through. Yet, in the Feb. 27 Johnson City Press, on the issue of raising the minimum age to purchase tobacco products, he is quoted "It's just more government intrusion into their lives, and I won't support it."

How is his fetal heartbeat bill not a government intrusion into his constituents' lives?

Johnson City

Lawmakers shouldn’t codify religious beliefs

State Rep. Micah Van Huss's "heartbeat" bill will effectively end any and all clinical abortions in this state. No exceptions for rape or incest.

That is exactly what, based on his personal religious convictions, he intends to do. To use his elected office to force his personal religious belief on all his constituents is wrong. Van Huss's refusal to support legislation that would curtail access to tobacco and vaping products to underage youths because it would be "government intrusion" is hypocritical. His bill to end freedom of choice for women is certainly government intrusion. As Rep. Van Huss has framed the issue, it is now a matter of church over state. That is not the American way.


An eye for an eye

It is time to reinstate the death penalty!! Anyone caught in the act of murder, proven by DNA or any other indisputable evidence should receive the death penalty!

The bleeding hearts who whimper “What about their rights?” As soon as someone takes another person’s life, that someone gives up their rights. What about the victims’ rights? The killer had no forethought of the victims’ rights when they came into that school or place of business and started killing anyone they could. Where’s the justice for the person who went to school or work that day expecting to have a regular day and then go home to their families but end up in fear and begging for their lives?!!

Why should a killer get a life sentence when they just took away a life or lives? The bleeding hearts say that the electric chair or lethal injections are cruel and unusual! So was taking the life of the victim. Imagine you begging for your life and the fear you feel! That is cruel!!

The punishment should fit the crime. No appeals, no life sentence and no mental defect or incompetence defense! It can’t be mental incompetence when the killer brings extra weapons and extra clips for their gun or rifle. That is premeditation!!!! There is no gray area. If you kill someone and are proven guilty beyond the shadow of a doubt, you should be put to death as soon as possible. No automatic appeals, no long stay on death row, just execution within 30 days of the murder!

Johnson City

Go Bars!

My brother in Jonesborough forwarded me your recent item about the Boones Creek Bars. As a graduate of the final class of Bars from Boones Creek High School in 1971 — and a Bar from grades 1-12 — I thank you and the educators for standing up for keeping the name.

I have lived in San Francisco for 31 years, have a home also in Arizona and lived nearly 10 years in Florida. In all those places, I have gladly shared the Bars' history with friends and acquaintances, and always got compliments on my Boones Creek Bars school jacket when I wore it. You'd be surprised how many people had never heard of the historic Daniel Boone tale about the Bar.

Indeed, long live the Boones Creek Bars!

San Francisco

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