Letters: Should transgender people be allowed to openly serve in the military?

Johnson City Press • Feb 10, 2019 at 6:00 AM

With Monday’s Question of the Week, we asked readers whether they thought transgender people should be allowed to openly serve in the military. Here are some of your responses.

He did the math

Being a veteran, I find it most interesting that upon President Obama opening the floodgates, many transgender people found they could get their transformation free if they joined the military. In other words, they could get a free ride in their sex change operation with benefits.

I have researched this operation and found the overage cost to be, not including all the extras (breast augmentation $6,500) is now between $20,000 and $30,000. Plus, the recovery time is three to four months. This is time the person is not performing their duties. This is not fair to the other service members who now have to perform their duties. The recover has lots of mental health issues what require counseling, like gender dysphoria.

I say stop it now! I feel anyone can see this is nothing but a free lunch. We taxpayers end up paying for all the cost and out troops end up doing all their work. So, out of a two-year service commitment, a transgender person is getting a free $20,000 to $30,000 at our expense, plus four months of recovery time and counseling. Not to mention, lots are discharged upon being released by their doctors.

What has our military realized from this enlistee? Not much. The enlistee has gotten everything they enlisted for. Free. I say keep them out. It is not fair to the other enlisted people.

Thank you, President Trump!

Johnson City

Guidance from the past

You ask if it's appropriate for transgender people to serve in the U.S. military.

I can't see why not, unless we are afraid of transgender people. Was a time no African Americans could serve. We got over that. Was a time no women could serve. We got over that. Was a time no gay men or women could serve. We got over that. Was a time only American citizens could serve. Now, many foreign nationals serve.

If people can pass the physical and mental tests to be a servicemember, then I say let them serve.

Unless they have bone spurs.

Johnson City

Ignore the loud-mouths

Any requirements for military service should be made by the military alone. The military knows what it takes to make a true cohesive fighting unit, not only from a physical standpoint, but mentally and emotionally also, not Congress or some loud-mouthed group hollering discrimination.

The medical issues from a cost standpoint alone would be prohibitive. It is one thing for a service person to be absent from their assigned duty due to battle injury, flu and so on. It is another because they are in the sick bay having their sex changed or being nauseous from hormone injections.

I am sure that a soldier that is on patrol in Afghanistan and preparing to enter a known hostile village wants to know they can depend on their fellow soldiers if a firefight breaks out.

I wonder where the Russian and Chinese militaries standpoint on this issue as well as ISIS. I would bet they are all for it when it comes to our military but not their militaries.

It is way past time for this country to get off of the “political correctness” and “discrimination” wagons and start using some common sense. You can call me any of the names that the left has come up with. I do not care.


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