Letters: That tore it!

Johnson City Press • Feb 8, 2019 at 6:00 AM

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That tore it!

“That tore it!” Whenever my brother or I heard my normally placid father utter that exclamation, we knew we had transgressed our usual wide boundaries and were in for some discipline. Jennie Young’s column on the Opinion Page in today’s issue (Jan. 31) caused me to utter the same phrase.

I also cringe when I hear some of President Trump's tweets. Generally, I've learned to ignore them and the equally ridiculous responses from the mainstream media and the “resistance.” However, when I read Ms. Young declaim about the “scandal-free tenure” of Obama and our “non-partisan FBI,” I cannot remain silent.

Does Ms. Young not remember the Fast and Furious gun-running scandal or the IRS targeting of conservative groups? Has she not read the emails and texts among the top leadership of the FBI (e.g. Peter Strzok and Lisa Page) that were so prejudicial that Robert Mueller removed Strzok and Page from his team? Is she not aware of the number of top FBI and Justice Department officials demoted and/or fired? Is she not aware that the wife of Bruce Ohr, the former deputy associate attorney general demoted by Rod Rosenstein, worked for Fusion GPS and helped assemble the Steele dossier?

Yep, no scandals here. No corruption. Just move along.

There are other examples that I could cite, but "brevity is soul of wit.”

Johnson City

Sanctuary policies are political ploys

Recently, Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross proposed adding a question to the Census form that will be used in 2020. That question asks the participant if they are a U.S. citizen. Although that question was on the form until the 1950s, the liberal/progressives have come out strongly against the addition of this question.

You might ask, why they would be opposed to knowing how many actual citizens reside in the various states? The reaction has been particularly strong in California and other so-called sanctuary states. Here's why! The Constitution mentions a counting of the population in Article 1 and Amendment 14. Unfortunately, the framers used the word "persons" instead of citizens due to the fact that Indians and slaves were not considered citizens or whole persons. The word persons was used to equalize representation throughout the states.

Today, this situation acts an an incentive for states to harbor as many illegal inhabitants as possible to increase the number of representatives in Congress. Additionally, federal benefits to the states are determined by Census head counts. So, more people, more power in Washington and more money in state coffers. There are 435 members of the House of Representatives and each represents approximately 700,000 "persons." The more non-citizens liberal states have counted in the Census, the more representation they control in Washington.

If there are, as some say, 20 million non-citizens in the U.S., as many as 28 members of the House can be shifted to those sanctuary states from the rest of the country. It is no wonder these liberal/progressive states want open borders! It is time to control the borders and change the apportionment of representation and federal money to a system based on citizenship.

Johnson City

Critiquer of the House

The office alone that Nancy Pelosi holds requires dignity. The House of Representatives she resides over requires dignity, and, the people who hired her and pay her astronomical salary requires her to act with dignity in the most powerful chamber of leadership in the world, however, she shamed her position, her person and her office and the nation with her undignified antics.

We, the people need to write our congressmen, president and, I think they have an ethics committee, or whatever, but we need to demand that Nancy Pelosi present herself with a little more decorum demanded by her position. How would you like to have her for a president? She is the third most powerful person in our government. That is a scary thought!

Johnson City

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