Letters: Don't lose control

Johnson City Press • Feb 3, 2019 at 6:00 AM

We asked you with Monday’s Question of the Week whether Washington County’s BrightRidge and the Elizabethton Electric Department should merge. Here’s a response we received from a reader.

Don’t lose control

I cannot believe the city leaders of Elizabethton would once again consider such a proposal as to sell the Elizabethton Electric Department. If this is done, the citizens of Elizabethton would be subject to rates and rate changes without any recourse.

Now, if we do not like how the electric department is being run, we can vote the city council out.

If this does come up for a vote, I urge all citizens to vote no.

It was stated that there would be a savings for some. We all know that will never happen. It always costs more.

If those running the city cannot or do not want to manage the electric department, then move aside, and we can hire an individual who can. Let us keep our electric system and not depend on another city for our power.

It smells to me like someone sees a chance to get their hands on some money. If it is such a good deal, why not sell the water, fire and sanitation department to Johnson City? I ask who initiated this proposed sale and for what reason. Citizens of Elizabethton, let your opinions on such a sale be known.


With a previous Question of the Week, we asked if Washington County and Johnson City should explore stricter spay and neuter ordinances for dogs and cats. Here’s one reader’s viewpoint.

Don’t punish responsible pet owners

I agree that the results of irresponsible pet owners are the sad. However, a mandatory spay/neuter ordinance is not the answer! The unintended consequence would be no puppies or kittens! Would you propose an ordinance forbidding the ownership of dogs and cats in the city? That would not be popular, especially among those who advocate mandatory spay/neuter.

I have had unspayed female dogs for years. I have had three planned litters and zero unplanned. I spend countless hours with my puppies, socializing them, cleaning up after them, teaching them. They are all microchipped and sold with a contract that requires they be returned to me if the new owners cannot care for them (not that this has ever happened to me). I carefully vet prospective owners to ensure they will be a good match for my puppies. The puppies bring great joy to their new owners, often filling the empty spot where a beloved pet has passed away. I know of many responsible dog breeders who breed carefully for health, conformation and temperament, whose puppies are a great joy to their new owners.

Irresponsible parents neglect and/or abuse their children. Solution: sterilize all human adults. Irresponsible drinkers harm others. Solution: ban all alcohol. People use guns to kill and maim. Solution: ban all guns. Careless credit card holders amass great debts. Solution: ban all credit cards.

Do not punish those who behave responsibly for the sins of those who do not. Offering free or reduced-cost spay/neuter clinics could reduce financial hardship for those who do not want the responsibility of raising and placing a litter of puppies or kittens. But do not pass a mandatory spay/neuter ordinance! The goal is to have no unwanted kittens and puppies, not to have no kittens and puppies!

Johnson City

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