Letters: The end of the world as we know it

Johnson City Press • Jan 25, 2019 at 6:00 AM

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The end of days

In Matthew 24:7 Jesus says, "earthquakes in diverse places" is a sign of His soon return. East Tennessee last month got hit by 4.4 and 3.3 earthquakes, the strongest in 45 years. Also Anchorage got hit with a damaging 7.0 earthquake. On November 11, 2018, a seismic mystery happened. Strange low frequency seismic waves ripped around the world and nobody knows why. It has never happened. Brent Miller Sr. at www.prophecywatchers.com studied all the 6.4 and higher earthquakes over the last 100 years and found they have skyrocketed just as the Bible said they would. Hebrews 12 says at the end times God is sending a shaking. The shaking is to awake people to the fact time is running out before the seven-year tribulation starts. After the tribulation, Jesus rules the earth.

The Bible is the only book with hundreds of correct predictions of the future. Isaiah 17:1 says Damascus, Syria, will be destroyed. Prophecy experts say expect months of power outages, nuclear war and a pole shift during the tribulation. The magnetic north pole has just moved more than ever before and could mean the pole shift is coming. The Day of the Lord (tribulation) is mentioned in Isaiah 2. It's the day when God shakes terribly the earth. When man shall be humbled and brought low and when God alone shall be exalted! Humble yourself now and "seek the Lord Jesus while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near!"


Stopping worldwide disaster

The string of disasters in the last few years has lead more Americans to consider the science of climate change, but the evidence that climate scientists have been pointing to for years indicates we are nearly too late to take action. According to a report last year from the International Panel on Climate Change, we have a dozen years left to take action to avoid major global catastrophes. This will affect populations on the coast directly through sea level rise and even here in the mountains with periods of drought and heavier rain. For us, this means wildfires and flooding and difficulties in farming due to inconsistent weather patterns. Paradoxically, this disruption of the climate can even cause colder cold snaps here in the South.

The quickest and most effective action we can take would be to put a price on carbon. On Jan. 19th, this idea was endorsed by 27 Nobel laureate economists in the Wall Street Journal. A steadily rising carbon fee would send a powerful price signal to invest in clean energy sources. Legislation was introduced in both houses of Congress last year to enact a price on carbon and provide a dividend back to all Americans. This dividend would be given on a per capita basis and would more than offset any price increases to lower income families.

We are facing a climate disruption that is very real. We owe it to the younger generation to do what we can to reduce our carbon footprint and provide a more stable climate than the one we are currently facing. Our Rep. Phil Roe and our Sens Lamar Alexander and Marsha Blackburn should support the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act when it is re-introduced in this session.


Making government work

Are members of Congress receiving their excessive paychecks when others who work for the government, etc., are not? Why should members of Congress receive a paycheck? Anyone who calls what they are currently doing "work," might want to check Webster for the meaning of the word work.

Political self-service is not the definition of work. Work is defined as “effort exerted to do or make something.” Congress is exerting no bipartisan effort, and the something they are making is a hurtful mess of our country.

Those who believe that allowing thousands of people into our country randomly and with no oversight are living in a fantasy world. If nothing else is considered, just the damage to our education system alone is appalling enough. These comments have nothing to do with racism or bias against any group. They are about the United States taking on an unmanageable burden.

Congress, get off your gluteus maximus and make a compromise that will serve the country.

Johnson City

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