Letters: 'Yes' to spay/neuter laws

Johnson City Press • Jan 20, 2019 at 6:00 AM

We asked you with Monday’s Question of the Week to share your thoughts on mandatory pet spay and neuter laws being discussed by the Washington County-Johnson City Animal Control Board. Here’s what you said.

Laws are lifesavers

We commend the Washington County-Johnson City Animal Control Board for working to reduce animal homelessness in the community the humane and effective way — by preventing more cats and dogs from being born in the first place.

Spay/neuter laws have proven to be lifesavers in communities that enforce them. Santa Cruz County, Calif.’s intake of strays dropped by 60 percent within ten years of passing a spay/neuter law, and it nearly halved the number of animals euthanized. Las Vegas’ spay/neuter law resulted in a 38-percent reduction in the number of animals dropped off at the shelter by animal control and a 45-percent reduction in the number of animals relinquished by the public. In San Francisco, the number of pit bulls euthanized at the city’s animal control facility dropped by a remarkable 24 percent in just 18 months following the passage of a law that required pit bulls to be sterilized.

Humans created the animal overpopulation crisis by domesticating, breeding, and throwing away dogs and cats — it’s only right that we do everything in our power to fix it. Spay/neuter legislation is the most effective way to do just that.

Norfolk, VA

Hold owners accountable

Yes, the city should toughen its spay and neuter ordinance and county should enact one.

The shelter is full and many are pitbulls. Other shelters are full too, and pet owners should be held accountable for their lack of care and lack of action.

The animals don’t have a choice, and dog and cats should be spayed and neutered.

I am an owner of two rescue dogs.

Johnson City

Let region succeed on its own

A motto for sustainable progress says: “Vote for quality leadership regardless of political party or religious affiliation.” Bill Lee has the knowledge, experience, and leadership skills to guide Tennessee to a brighter future.

“Inspiring” describes these four articles in the Johnson City Press: Aerospace Park at Tri-Cities Airport (Jan. 15), Volkswagen’s investments in Chattanooga (Jan. 15), Bill Lee’s optimistic leadership for all of Tennessee (Jan. 16), and Northeast Tennessee’s “VW-like” wins of opportunities for progress (Jan. 16).

Northeast Tennessee has been emerging as a center of excellence for education, technology, manufacturing, art, culture and business. The constellation of the Bristol Motor Speedway, the Tri-Cities Airport, the Aerospace Park, Northeast State Community College and the Gray Fossil Site forms a nucleus for progress.

Yes! We celebrate the VW-Chattanooga success! We don’t need to reproduce it. We can and should synergistically support it. We are surrounded by: improving K-12 schools, many quality higher education colleges & universities, healthy industries, historic areas, beautiful nature and vibrant communities.

For example, Northeast State’s new Advanced Technology Center and nationally recognized Automotive & Manufacturing Technology Programs can produce qualified workforce people eager to move to Chattanooga and build sustainable careers.

In conclusion, Northeast Tennessee produces people capable of succeeding locally and globally. Likewise, people of all ages come here to live, contribute and pursue happiness. Let’s build bright futures together!

Johnson City

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