Letters: Ending the shutdown

Johnson City Press • Jan 13, 2019 at 6:00 AM

We asked you with Monday’s Question of the Week to describe the ideal resolution of the ongoing federal government shutdown and the political impasse over border wall funding. Here are some of your responses.

Shutdown was avoidable

The House already passed a bill funding all closed cabinets, border security and funding for recovery from the recent national fires. The lazy Senate left town without voting.

The nation did not have to experience this shutdown, although it has a little, to no impact on life as usual for most Americans. Our country’s national security is based on laws that can not be disregarded as “nonessential” like the 380,000 federal employees that we taxpayers pay everyday. A border wall, enhanced technology and increased manpower are all essential elements of assuring that not even one terrorist, rapist, gang member or any illegal gains entrance to our country of laws.

Our fundamental freedoms of speech, religion, want and especially freedom from fear are no longer a guarantee in America. They will only be further jeopardized by allowing our national security to decline and deteriorate by inattention to all forces of border security.

Piney Flats

A true leader could end it

The shutdown should be ended immediately!

The shutdown is nothing more than Trump having a temper tantrum! The fact that Trump lies every day about the problem at the border just to keep his base riled is ridiculous. Remember talk about the caravan before the election? Once Republicans lost 40+ seats in the house, no more talk, including the lies about the caravan.

Trump has no idea of being a leader. His only goal as president is to incite fear.

Democrats can agree to border security if it means releasing all the children that are being held in prison camps by the Trump administration.

Democrats can agree to money for border security if it means releasing DACA from fear of being deported.

The 800,000 workers that are suffering because of Trump are not responsible for this mess. Trump, and Trump alone are responsible for this mess. Something he is proud of!

It would be great if we had an adult president that could lead the country. Unfortunately, we have a president that is trying to please Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter and Fox News. SAD! End the shutdown immediately!


Rebalance the powers

I am old, but as I recall from my high school civics class that when the president vetoes a bill passed by both houses of Congress, this veto can be overruled by a 2/3 majority vote of each house of Congress. This was of course done in order to prevent our democracy from reverting back to a dictatorial regency.

I understand that civics is no longer taught in our nation's high schools, so perhaps the leader of the Senate was not fortunate, as I was, to study a civics class in school.

It might be a worthy thought for our educators to consider resurrecting a history and government type of education, since we know that a well informed citizenry is necessary for a successful government to exist.

Johnson City

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