Letters: How to end the government shutdown

Johnson City Press • Jan 11, 2019 at 6:00 AM

We asked you with Monday’s Question of the Week to describe the ideal resolution of the ongoing federal government shutdown and the political impasse over border wall funding. Here are some of your responses.

We don’t need a wall

The government shutdown should end now, it is based on a falsehood and citizens are being harmed by it. We do not need a wall on our southern border, this talk of a wall is a scheme created by Trump's political advisers Sam Nunberg and Roger J. Stone Jr. to garner votes. Now it has escalated into bigger falsehood that further divides the nation and will cost taxpayers billions of dollars.

The real problem politicians ignore is the 11 million undocumented immigrants we have in the U.S. Eight million of these immigrants are employed, making up around 17 percent of the total workforce. Most work in agriculture and construction, but also in child care, hotels, golf clubs, even Donald Trump employs them. These immigrants are vital to American farms, without them food would be in shortage and prices would skyrocket.

Half of everyone that is here illegally came here legally on visas and have overstayed their visas. It is just as illegal to hire an undocumented immigrant as it is to illegally come into the U.S. This undocumented immigrant problem is of our own making, they were attracted to the U.S. by jobs and the chance of a better life. The solution is to modernize the legal immigration process not build a wall.

Rep. Phil Roe stated in the Johnson City Press, “It baffles my brain as to why anyone would not want to protect our Southern border.” I say to Rep. Phil Roe, It baffles my brain as to why you support a scam to build the wall while ignoring the real problem.

Mountain City

Keeping campaign promises

You know Trump was elected for all the things he said he was going to do, one of those being to build the wall to protect our country.

Yes, maybe he said Mexico will pay hoping I’m sure he thought they would. But they have backed out. So now along with all the other promises he has accomplished, this is one that needs to be followed through with also.

He is not shutting the government down just because, he is doing this to protect our borders and the Democrats need to follow suit. They are acting like little children fighting over the sandbox.


Bring some common sense

The problems today in Washington are that our legislators are Democrats and Republicans first before they are Americans, supported, bought and paid for by dark money (Citizens United ruling) and their cable news channel and commentator of choice.

Nobody can argue that we have an immigration issue in the United States, including issues at the southern border that need to be addressed. Multiple bipartisan legislation has been passed in the Senate with Congress not even taking a vote because of the base and upcoming elections (two-year terms).

The solution is to fund other areas of government affected by this issue and have some “adults in the room" negotiate and agree on legislation that would help solve the problems long-term. Last time I checked, neither side had a monopoly on ideas or brains!


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