Letters: Limbaugh for Defense Secretary

Johnson City Press • Dec 28, 2018 at 6:00 AM

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Limbaugh for Defense Secretary

Now that General Mattis has resigned, our president needs to replace this critical position in his Cabinet with someone whom he can really depend on to help him with his foreign policy/defense agenda. This person must be a loyal, and competent to provide clear and well-defined goals to the president for the use of our military and its objectives throughout the entire world. This will take a person of profound mental capacity, and outstanding administrative ability. He or she should also be one who is held in high esteem by many, many people and able to communicate effectively to the general public, as well as nations of the world.

I can see not other candidate who possesses these personal qualities than Rush Limbaugh. He has already provided inestimable advice to our president on our "security problem" along the border with Mexico, and I am confident he could help in the foreign relations area as well.

Johnson City

Apologizing to Tommy Woods

I was saddened to read of Tommy Woods’s experience as an athlete at ETSU (Dec. 23). Saddened but not shocked. I remember growing up in my beloved Jonesboro when it was a segregated town. I should have spoken out, written letters to the Johnson City Press-Chronicle like this, but I didn’t.

I remember African-Americans climbing the balcony of the old Jackson Theatre, sitting in the rear of buses, segregated churches and schools, etc. My late mother, Mrs. June Sherfey, taught one of the first African-American students in the Washington County school system. I was a student at UT in 1963-66, and I remember prejudice there. It wasn’t until 1968 that UT football integrated with Lester McClain. My liberalism was formed by the Jesuits at St. Charles College, Louisiana, in 1966-68.

I wonder if any of the ETSU students ever apologized to Mr. Woods by the time they were seniors. If his athletic career had been a total washout, would they have accepted him as a fellow human being?



Let’s work together

As I was going to the grocery store during the recent snowfall, I noticed a car stuck while trying to exit Knob Creek Road into their village. I stopped to help, and two other vehicles also stopped, and as it happened there were 4-5 younger people walking down the road enjoying the snow. We all joined together and were able to get the couple out of their tense situation. After the mission was accomplished, we all went our separate ways after a few pleasant comments.

I have no doubt that with the current discontent in our federal government and being fanned and enhanced by the national media that there were different views among us about the current political situation. Yet, not a discouraging word was spoken, we were simply citizens willing to help out our fellow man. Situations such as this serve to remind us that even with our differences we are willing to join with others to help those in trouble. To me, that is one of the things that makes this nation great despite our current politicians in Washington calling themselves our leaders. I wish they could work together as well as we common citizens joined together to help another one of our neighbors.

Johnson City

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