Letters: Accept no (unqualified) substitutes

Johnson City Press • Dec 23, 2018 at 6:00 AM

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Accept no (unqualified) substitutes

It sounds like we have need of many substitutes each day. Why is this and how can it be minimized?

Do we need to raise teacher pay and qualifications?

Are we educating our students well and preparing them for the workplace and higher education or are we containing them at the lowest possible cost?

The pay for a substitute should be equal to the pay of teacher and the expectations should be the same. The substitute should be a substitute/educator not merely a person to contain the class. I’m doubtful that we can obtain these for less than $125 per day. But rather than simply handing out more money, the school board and county commissioners need to back up and reassess the goals for education of our students.

Are we trying to educate our students or just confine and contain until they can be passed on?


Stop persecuting strong women

I detest when a self-righteous columnist attacks women who are organizing to create an event that will benefit all women, including herself. Christine Flowers writes about a “unique perspective on the modern feminist movements we’re seeing today (including #MeToo)” (Dec. 19).

She mentions women who individually stood up for their beliefs during their lifetimes and were tortured, killed, or mutilated for those beliefs. Centuries later they were recognized by religious leaders and glorified by making them saints. Why does she have to denigrate women who are standing up for what they believe in today?

That we are standing together, and not alone, is the difference. We wear our pink hats to show solidarity with one another. Many of us will never wear a crown of light, for our deeds and sacrifices will never be recognized by a religious hierarchy that should have helped these courageous women Flowers writes about when they stood up in their own times.

Her flip comments after each of her little stories are particularly insulting to the strong women who take the Women’s March seriously. The March serves to remind the public throughout the world that we won’t stand for being harassed, raped, bullied, murdered, or discriminated against without timely repercussions. We are independent-minded women who do march together to support one another. We do stand up for our beliefs, together. We are strong, heroic voices who shout together. We resist, and don’t easily forgive the crimes against us when there is no justice.

Christine Flowers and others who believe as she does need to broaden their perspectives and understand that any progress that is to be made will only happen when we come together to protest the inequities that exist in today’s world. Only by coming together, can we create the force that will make the change.

Johnson City

The “P” stands for “protection”

Environmental Protection Administrator Andrew Wheeler doesn't seem to know what "environmental protection" means or what his agency does. The GOP hates President Obama so much they want to remove all the good policies in place now, even the ones in place before his time.

No, water quality is not about power; whatever happens upstream effects people downstream. The EPA is supposed to safeguard our waterways and groundwater. The GOP is all about money. The Trump people in our government now, do not know how or where we live nor do they seem to care. They are business people who only know "the bottom line." They want their big polluter business friends to make more money and want to remove our present laws that will allow them to dump their waste anytime and anywhere.


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