Letters: Johnson City failed Buffalo Valley

Johnson City Press • Nov 30, 2018 at 6:00 AM

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Johnson City failed Buffalo Valley

Being a Unicoi County resident and golfer, it always confused me when Johnson City bought and operated a golf course in Unicoi County. Johnson City claimed they were going to make it better and maintain it and the first 6-8 years they did. However, after that the decline of the course was evident. This is based on conditions of the course, upkeep on facilities and lack of customer service.

Now Johnson City has closed the golf course because they elected not to maintain and promote it properly. Because it has been closed for so long, all the greens and tee boxes would have to be rebuilt to function as a golf course. The city knows this! Now Johnson City wants to recoup their investment by any way possible. It doesn’t matter to them that they have destroyed Unicoi land values or taken away the only true golf course in Unicoi County.

All they care about is getting their money back, so let’s talk about that. If anyone purchased a business and destroyed what truly makes the business successful, the value of said business will go down substantially. So based off letting everything go downhill for years and expecting to recoup their investment is not logical. Then they closed the course for almost a year now with no upkeep on anything decreasing value more. This would require almost a complete rebuild to get the course back into somewhat of playing shape. So, based off their poor management, they expect to recoup their investment? If I were a leader in Unicoi County, I would be bringing in lawyers to file suit against Johnson City for destroying land values, loss of tax revenue and maybe even fraud based off their claims when they bought Buffalo Valley Golf Course.


Bully to the British Bulldog

In the second chapter of John Thompson's new column highlighting his favorite books and authors, he has given readers of the Johnson City Press a first-rate essay on the topic of Winston Churchill (1874-1965) the prolific author.

Churchill wore many hats during his full life, from soldier, journalist, orator, painter, bricklayer, to Britain's leader during World War II. John Thompson's excellent article reminds us that Winston Churchill was also a writer. His first article appeared in his student newspaper, The Harrovian. There followed over the next 60 years approximately 50 books, 800 articles, countless speeches, eight million words.

John Thompson rightly observes that Churchill wrote to earn money to support his grand lifestyle, as well as to justify the ups and downs of his extraordinary life. Churchill, while the son on an aristocrat, his father was the younger son of the Duke of Marlborough. In 1940, against all the odds, Winston Churchill became the champion of civilization against the threat posed by Adolf Hitler and Nazism. President John F. Kennedy noted that Winston Churchill "mobilized the English language and sent it into battle."

Congratulations to John Thompson on his excellent article.


Enact fee on carbon pollution

This Christmas the gift I'd like to give my children is a livable world. The latest predictions of the impacts of climate change say they will face more extreme storms, floods, droughts and fires. All of these will impact food supplies and housing options and are already creating climate refugees.

The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act, which would place a steadily rising fee on carbon pollution and return all revenue to households equally, has been introduced by a bipartisan group of congressional representatives. This bill is a market-based approach with bipartisan support — Republicans Francis Rooney (FL-19) and Brian Fitzpatrick (PA-08) and Democrats Ted Deutch (FL-22), Charlie Crist (FL-13), and John Delaney (MD-06) — will drive down carbon pollution while putting money in people's pockets and is good for business and will create jobs.

Mention your members of Congress by name and that you would like them to support this important legislation in the next Congress.

It's time to set aside partisan differences and, for the good of our nation and the world, start addressing the threat of climate change by enacting the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act in the next Congress.

Johnson City

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