Letters: Go Bucs!

Johnson City Press • Nov 18, 2018 at 6:00 AM

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Go Bucs!

Before I retired to Johnson City a few years ago, having grown up and been a teacher in New Jersey, I had never heard of ETSU. However, living now just across from ETSU, and having met and made friends with a number of students, and having attended many sports events, I want to express my appreciation of the many high quality students at this school and the way the school has promoted high values including in its sports programs.

I have found students, including in the apartment complex where I live, to be respectful, kind, considerate and pleasant. The few university staff members I have met have also been the same.

I would especially like to compliment Mr. Carter, who heads athletics at the university. Many times I have observed him. He is at almost every sports event I have attended supporting the sports program and those in it, and he puts his whole heart into his work, and I appreciate his emphasizing integrity and high values on the part of his coaching staff to hopefully influence the young people under them.

One of these coaches I especially want to commend is Lindsey Devine, who after every volleyball game has her team line up outside the doors to greet spectators as they leave, thanking them for their support. As a result, we get to see in person what a great team of young people they are.

I am proud to call myself a BUCS fan.

Johnson City

What Horvath didn’t mention

Rebecca Horvath’s recent near-breathless embrace of Donald Trump in her gushing editorial (Nov. 15) made her sound like a smitten teenager fawning over a manipulative rock star.

One wonders about what will happen when her children mature enough to engage her on an intellectual and moral level (fifth grade, maybe?) and ask: “Mommy, didn’t you say that lying was bad,” or “Haven’t we been taught that we should feel sorry for people in distress? Why does Trump blame the victims for the fires in California?” or “If he tried to fondle you during the rally would you have allowed it, since he’s famous, and he said, ‘If you’re famous you can do anything’?”


Too much cheerleading

While there are many things involving passion that President Trump might do better than "men half his age," speaking is not one of them.

Was there a purpose to Ms. Horvath's full page of subjective cheerleading? "There was so much excitement, patriotism, and happiness?" I mean, really? A full page of this?

I'm sure there was a reason the Press ran this piece, but I'm not sure what it was. Personally, I would have found something this length discussing the security protocols worth reading. Or something a fifth the length as a letter to the editor. But blatant political cheerleading as a centerpiece feature?

The Press will undoubtedly give equal time to another take on things the next time political luminaries makes their way to Tri Cities, right? We have your word on that?

Johnson City

Applauding the Archives

I want to thank you for Sunday's full-page article on the Archives of Appalachia (Nov. 4). This is one of those unsung heroes of genealogy and historical research that no amount of Google searching will ever replace. I think it is safe to say the Archives ranks with the best and is tops in its Appalachian regional holdings.

Johnson City

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