Letters: The children are our future

Johnson City Press • Nov 14, 2018 at 6:00 AM

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The children are our future

Kudos to Brandon Paykamian for his report on the Science Hill High School students’ mock election and in particular to those students for prioritizing the paramount issue of our times: global climate change.

Our young people are way ahead of the rest of us on this issue. They realize that they are going to have to live with the consequences of our reckless abuse of this planet. So does the political leadership of many nations around the world. But not so the political leadership of our country — nor, it appears, many of us voters. We ignore the warnings of impartial scientists that our planet’s climate will pass a perilous tipping point just 11 years from now, with its climate then rapidly careening out of control, unless we make drastic reductions in our use of carbon fuels starting immediately.

Climate-driven droughts and floods and wildfires and storms, including monster hurricanes and ferocious tornadoes, are already becoming more frequent and more intense. We are already seeing the beginning signs that island nations are doomed to disappear beneath the waves of the oceans. So are extensive coastal areas around the world, including large parts of major cities. This will result in severe economic displacements, mass migrations, and food wars. Our military planners are well aware of the military consequences of this, but our political leaders are in denial. And meanwhile we quibble over less-pressing concerns — legitimate and serious as some of those undeniably are.

Yet why do exit polls of voters rarely even mention global climate change among the voters’ priorities? Why do unsolicited mail-in questionnaires of voters’ priority issues seldom include global climate change among the ten or twelve choices they list? Will we wake up in time?

Johnson City

In defense of nationalism

During the 100 year anniversary of the World War I armistice agreement the French president pretty much berated President Trump and his stance on nationalism. Trump should have told him to take a flying leap!

This brings to mind the old saying: You can count on the French to be there when they need us. This pretty much sums up the entire world especially Europe. If not for the USA in 1917 and 1941 the national language of France would be German as well as most of the rest of Europe. Japanese would be the national language in Asia and the Pacific Rim also had it not been for the USA.

Judging by Trump’s popularity, nationalism resonates with a lot of this country’s natural born citizens. Nationalism is another word for patriotism in my book. Europe gets itself into one mess after another and wants the USA to bail them out. They want the USA to protect them from the “Big Bad Wolf” or rather the” Big Bad Bear” (Russia) with our treasure and military might.

Let’s take care of our country first. President Trump is not a saint by any stretch of the imagination. You got to hand it to him on one thing. He fights for this country. He does not go overseas and apologize to other countries for some perceived outrage. He does not bow down to Muslim kings like a previous president did.

The immigration thing reminds me of an old song about the woman taking in a wounded snake and nursing him back to health. After he recovers he bites her and as she is dying, the snake tells the woman “You knew I was a snake before you took me in”.


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