Letters: Taking part in the democratic process

Johnson City Press • Nov 4, 2018 at 6:00 AM

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Verify before voting

There are some key points your readers should remember about the election.

They are:

Base your vote on facts. Not on some of the misleading ads now being seen.

Think about what's good for you, your family, and others who may not be like you-everyone in our nation.

Health insurance is critical. Everyone must have insurance and excluding people with pre-existing conditions is not financially or morally right. Those of us who are insured have our costs raised to pay for those not covered. Hospitals must provide care for those who show up at the emergency room and our healthcare bills rise. And we must accept the additional Medicaid funding if we reside in states like Tennessee that have not. We are already paying for it with our taxes, millions of dollars daily, and our money is going to other states.

We must protect our borders. But a wall is not the answer. It must be done comprehensively and ethically. Most of us are in this country because of relatives who immigrated. We can't arbitrarily turn people who are fleeing danger away simply for political advantage.

Education is critical and charter schools, many of which are for-profit businesses that would take funding away from public schools, are not the answer. We must support our public school systems.

So think hard before you vote. Base your vote on credible information, not misinformed opinions driven by slanted information promoted by partisan organizations with an agenda that will not benefit our nation.

Johnson City

Who’s responsible for national debt?

Voters must consider before our Nov. 6th election that our federal debt has ballooned following the massive tax cuts by the current administration, most of which went to billionaires and large corporation.

The Treasury Department announced this week they would be borrowing $1.3 billion to fund our government for the coming fiscal year, the largest single request in the history of the USA.

We had the Reagan tax cuts, we had the H.W. Bush tax cuts, we had the famous GW Bush tax cuts, Trump’s tax reform, just a few of the more prominent tax cuts, the story is they are planning another tax cut after the election. The sum total of these tax cuts are about equal to our huge national debt of $21.6 trillion and growing rapidly, the next step will be cutting future Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, etc. to help balance the federal budget. Mitch McConnell has already made that statement. Vote Carefully!

Piney Flats

Turned off by Senate race

Surely, everyone is as disgusted with the current senatorial election as I am.

Every time I pull more useless trash out of my mailbox, answer my phone to someone wanting to know who I'm voting for or endure another unending, repetitive TV ad, I cringe to think how much money is being spent. Just think of all the relief that could be given to Mexico Beach, Wilmington or Puerto Rico from the Republican and Democratic parties.

Both parties must think that the voters of Tennessee are very stupid. I am insulted by their deceptive rhetoric. Do they really think that more cards in the mail or additional ads per hour on tv are effective? I for one am put off by both leading candidates. Neither one deserves my vote. How about a write-in vote? I guess it's just my own silent protest if I write in "Goofy"!


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