Letters: Coming down the homestretch

Johnson City Press • Nov 2, 2018 at 6:00 AM

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Dean is a proven leader

Karl Dean was elected mayor of Nashville at the beginning of the greatest recession since the Depression of the 1930s. Lehman Brothers, the oldest firm on Wall Street, went into bankruptcy, and the country was on the verge of financial collapse.

The following are challenges that faced the city of Nashville: an unemployment rate of 9½ percent, 197,000 jobs lost from 2008-10, along with the General Motors plant in Spring Hill closing and 4,200 home foreclosures up 178 percent from 2006. In 2010, the city was hit with an historic flood of 14 inches of rain in three days.

These major crises were during Karl’s first term as mayor. He cut spending and increased the education and law enforcement budgets. Karl was able to accomplish these challenges because of his leadership style. His non-partisan, pragmatic approach to government on all levels (city, state and national) was clearly evident. Karl has the ability to bring Republicans and Democrats together to get things done. Mayor Dean often quotes New York City Mayor LaGuardia, who said, “People don’t care if you are a Republican or Democrat, they just want the pothole filled.”

We have the opportunity to elect an experienced, proven leader who has the ability to speak for all Tennesseans.

Johnson City

How much are we paying Van Huss?

It’s important that voters not forget that Rep. Micah Van Huss (Tennessee House District 6) came in second place among state legislators in 2017 who, in all likelihood, must have abused their per diem reimbursement for after-session claims.

Van Huss pocketed $34,000 taxpayer dollars for what he must have ranked as his stellar contribution to the public good. That’s in addition to $1,000 a month they already receive for “work in district” (no built-in accountability requirement). And that’s over and above base salary and mileage. It’s either quite an exemplary performance, or convenient way to make pay for ballooning a part-time job into a very decent full-time salary.

Speaker Beth Harwell admits the “system does get abused.” Especially consider that most responsible legislators only claim around three to four thousand. Check it out yourself: The Tennessean, Jan. 28, 2017, “Payments for Tennessee Lawmakers Expenses in 2017 Most in Five Years, Analysis Shows.” That information is garnered from the state government website.


Maintain Republican control

This is perhaps, outside of 2016, one of the most important election cycles in modern times. There are two basic choices: Return to the previous administration’s fundamental changing of this great country to socialism, or continue to try to save it.

The country rejected the leftist ideology in November of 2016, electing President Trump. It was an electoral win, but the Electoral College functioned as it was set up to do by our country’s founders. The country also gave Trump a Congress of his own party, another rejection of the previous administration’s policies and ideology.

President Trump has faced a 24/7 attack on him, his family and anyone associated with him since his announcement for the presidential office. It is unprecedented what the previous administration started, the media and the powers that be have done and continue to do in trying to destroy him. They simply will not accept the results of the election. Again, unprecedented. The goal of the media and their subordinates (Deep State and left) has been to impeach President Trump since day one. The reasons: he won and is not a puppet of anyone in or outside of DC.

If the country allows the Democrats to gain control of the House or Senate, the first thing on their list will be to impeach the sitting president (House will impeach, Senate is the courtroom). What will be the charges? I am sure they will make some up, just like him stealing the election (laughable).

I implore you to vote in a way that prevents these events from taking place, vote Republican. You may also be preventing many other atrocities.

Johnson City

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