Letters: Let's get political

Johnson City Press • Oct 31, 2018 at 6:00 AM

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A call for civility in Unicoi

Character assassination and attempts at public humiliation of others are never good for society. Some politicians in this country, even this county, have become so mean spirited that it takes extreme courage to interact with them and for candidates to enter and stay in the election process.

It takes huge energy and self control to avoid acting like those who, apparently for political motives, are against everything, even matters already decided. It is much easier to criticize and “throw rocks” than to build constructively.

Some have lost the art of “agreeing to disagree” and then continuing to work together.

Please vote for civility in the public forum when you cast your vote in the Unicoi town election.

Fair mindedness and justice will always matter.


Disappointed by Lee’s plans

I recently had the opportunity to attend the gubernatorial debate that was held in Kingsport. I was still on the fence about my choice when the debate started, unlike in the primary when I was sure of my choice. The debate sealed my decision.

While I admire Bill Lee and what he has accomplished in the business world and what he has done for his community on a personal level, I was left unclear of his plans on two areas of concern. While he pushed his position for vouchers, he could not offer an answer as to how he would replenish funds taken from public schools by private school vouchers to ensure that the withdrawal of those funds didn’t undermine public education. In fact, he said putting money into public education was not the answer.

I was equally disappointed in his response on health care for Tennessee. He had no viable plan for the immediate future. He spoke of things improving in 15 years. I was really hoping to hear something more substantive on the issue, as I am sure are the 300,000 Tennessee citizens who are currently without health insurance.

I realize he’s the Republican candidate, and a lot of people will vote for him for that reason alone. However, I have never let party affiliation be the sole reason for my choice. In this case, our Republican candidate failed to prevail.

Johnson City

A few of President Trump’s achievements

He has successfully refused to release his tax returns. He has sworn more times on national TV than than all previous presidents combined. He has lied more times on national TV than all previous presidents combined. He has successfully insulted and profoundly damaged the Justice Department. He is the only president to have staff members discuss the use of the 25th Amendment. He is the only president to have the U.N. Assembly laugh when he lied about his U.N. achievements.

The cancellation of the federal estate tax benefits the Trump family more than all of those who attended the Johnson City rally combined. At the Johnson City rally, he forever insulted and lied about the Democratic Party, the party which had 3 million more votes than he had. A real “bring us together” president — he successfully destroyed that image.

Johnson City

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