Letters: Responses to Ken Gough's column

Johnson City Press • Oct 24, 2018 at 6:00 AM

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Getting the facts straight

Kenneth Gough’s recent column, “Why I’ll reluctantly vote for Trump — again” (Oct. 20), has comparisons to Trump and the Clintons that could easily apply to either party. The Trump Foundation is under investigation by the state of New York for multiple improprieties, one of them being Trump used it as his own piggy bank. Very little good came from his foundation, but the Clintons’ foundation, with endorsements and aid from the Bush family, did a lot of good things for underprivileged people around the world.

Kenneth thinks Donald Trump was a self-made millionaire.

He was a millionaire by the age of 8, with gifts from his father. He lied when during the campaign he said his father gave him a small sum of one million dollars. Turns out it was was a very large sum of over $410 million dollars, mostly gained from schemes and manipulations of our tax codes. He continues to financially benefit from being president that unequivocally violates our Constitution on a daily basis.

Sure, Kenneth, I hope you do reluctantly vote for him again, so he can give himself, and his rich pals, another trillion of our tax dollars.

Piney Flats

On chicken feed and Kavanaugh

No, Mr. Gough, regarding your Oct. 20 column, though we share more than a little prejudice favoring private work and finance, but the Clinton Foundation, despite undergoing surely the most expensive and extensive of partisan investigations ever, has effectively managed legitimate intent, purpose and laudable result. No big surprise when interest in growth and politics shows up.

But for actual self-dealing, better hang onto those cattle futures. Not even chicken feed compared to Trump, as we’ll increasingly understand over time. I’m curious how you’ll be comparing all that, along with Trump’s character on which we seem to agree, with the revelations of his pattern for blending politics, business and a phony foundation with shameless in-your-face emolument scheming, becoming nearly dictionary synonymous with corruption and fraud.

Your second argument favored Kavanaugh’s confirmation. Please consider just one more time the charges brought long ago against Clarence Thomas. He was merely accused of being a hulking, disgusting and oppressive boss, by an adult who nevertheless chose to stay in his employ. Were the accusatory material totally false, which I doubt, and he deemed a loud counter-attack tactically necessary, his angry words were still carefully chosen. No way to prove him a liar. He could stand behind them forever.

I noticed strikingly similar timing and emotion in Kavanaugh’s performance. But in definitive contrast, his self-chosen intemperate and evasive language revealed the essence, though submerged by intellect and possibly a little Catholic guilt, of wounded, alcoholic, preppy frat-boy snivel, a cringe-worthy display to most honest thoughtful conservatives. Kavanaugh himself has already expressed regrets, sort of. And we’ll see what happens.

I can’t avoid speculating, though idly I suppose, on what world community opinion, really anyone thoughtful, must conclude of American voters, however rationalized and well intentioned, who could allow the Donald and his ilk another term.


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