Letters: Won't somebody please think of the candidates?

Johnson City Press • Oct 19, 2018 at 6:00 AM

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Not happy with advertisement

I am writing this morning to voice my displeasure with the back ad of Sunday's (Oct. 14) paper from Doug White which endorsed Marsha Blackburn and Bill Lee. As a fact-based press and in the ongoing fight against the public's view of "fake media," I find it inappropriate for the Johnson City Press to publish the ad on the back page which outright makes false and slanderous accusations about Phil Bredesen, including the following:

• Guilty until proven innocent.

• Confiscate guns.

• More liberal judges to shred the constitution.

• Move to socialism.

While I understand the Press is in the business of making ad revenue, I would caution the Press to be more judicious in what it allows to be printed on its pages and next time refuse to print an ad which so blatantly propagates misinformation.

As the public we expect the Press to protect and seek the truth regardless of the political party. While my family and I value the service that the Press lends to the community, I only hope you will more carefully consider which ads you chose to run in the future.

Johnson City

Not his true position

This concerns the full-page political ad for Marsha Blackburn on the back of the front section of Sunday's edition (Oct. 14). It claims to represent Phil Bredesen's positions, and in it we read, "Repeal the 2nd Amendment and Confiscate Your Guns." Unless someone can tell us exactly what Bredesen statement(s) this is based on, we will have to believe that it is a total fabrication and an insult to Tennessee voters.

Johnson City

DEA stumping for Bredesen

The Ex-DEA agent interview appearing in the Oct. 12 edition of the Press was no more than free press for Bredesen’s campaign. If any Blackburn supporters want space in the Press they must pay for it. This publication continues to show bias in every way shape or form for liberal causes.

The article referred to the changing of one word from immediate to imminent. The article stated that this somehow kept the DEA from freezing large shipments of pills although rarely, if ever, used by suspect distributors, wholesalers or pharmacies.

What makes these folks “suspect” to begin with? I assume it is the large quantities being bought or shipped. I would also assume that there are strict federal guidelines for shipping or ordering pills. In other words, if a distributor shows shipping X amount of pills to pharmacy XYZ, they must show that said pharmacy ordered this amount. In turn, the pharmacy must show receipt of the quantity and it must tally with the amount ordered. The pharmacy must then show legal prescriptions accounting for the pills delivered to them. Now if pharmacy XYZ or the distributor can only account for a portion of the pills, the DEA now has a suspect. The DEA I would think would shut either down and not just freeze the shipments. Seems to me like cutting the tail off of a rattlesnake and hope to not be bitten by the working end of the snake.

I am in total agreement that something should be done with this crisis. However, what is the DEA and or any government agencies doing about the untold amount of illegal drugs such as heroin, meth and other drugs that are killing thousands daily?


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