Letters: On the Senate race

Johnson City Press • Oct 17, 2018 at 6:00 AM

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Bredesen’s the moderate we need

Tennessee was featured today in an article in the New York Times. The writer pointed out that Tennessee has had a pattern of electing moderates to the Senate — both moderate Republicans and moderate Democrats. Our senators have often been leaders in the Senate who contributed to positive change for our country through thoughtful and reasonable bipartisan cooperation. This is the kind of senator I would be proud to continue to see Tennessee elect.

Trump supporters will likely vote for Marsha Blackburn, because she makes it clear that she will support the president's policies. However, we are not electing a senator to strengthen the executive branch of the government. We are electing a senator to represent Tennessee In the legislative branch.

Phil Bredesen makes it clear that he will vote for policies that are best for Tennessee, whether they are proposed by Republicans or Democrats. That's what a senator's job is, to represent his state in making decisions that affect the whole country. I am going to vote for a candidate who speaks for Tennessee, not a candidate who speaks for Trump.

Mountain City

Blackburn will protect your rights

Reading my Johnson City Press Sunday (Oct. 7), I carefully absorbed all that was endorsed by the group of medical professionals about candidate Blackburn. Their comments could be factual, but let’s hear candidate Blackburn’s side of this story.

Suppose their story is half-true. Have you ever heard of a second chance? Congressman Blackburn can change if given a second chance, but will the medical industry do the same in their prescriptions for opioids?

Congressman Blackburn should not shoulder all the blame for opioids. They are by prescription or black market, correct?

Now, let’s examine the situation at stake here. The opposition is trying to undermine candidate Blackburn’s bid for the Senate seat. Plain fact!

Alas, on the other hand, let’s look at her opposition and examine the facts. We can deal with opioids through law and prescriptions, black market, etc. With candidate Bredesen, we have the Democratic machine in Washington — and Bredesen will walk hand-in-hand with them. The anti-USA, evil group in Washington hand picked Bredesen as their man. He will owe them. The Democratic machine is committed to a more socialistic government for its people. Their agenda is control of you and the life of freedom we enjoy. A vote for candidate Bredesen is a vote for control of you and your family and way of life.

Now, consider the lesser of two evils. Congressman Blackburn will protect your rights, stand for good and righteousness. Let me share with you what God and the Bible says about the situation: “When the righteous rule a nation prospereth, but when the unrighteous rule a nation is damned.” The clear choice would be to vote for righteousness and leave the evil in Washington to have on less vote for control over your life and family.


Speak for the voiceless

We need better laws against animal cruelty, but if Marsha Blackburn is elected to the U.S. Senate, we won’t get the good policies and laws we need. Marsha Blackburn has opposed numerous animal abuse bills during her many years in the Congress, and enough is enough. It is difficult to get anything done in Congress, and we should send lawmakers to D.C. who can get things done.

On election day, we get a choice: Do we want more of the same dysfunction, or do we want lawmakers that listen to us and get things done? I believe that electing Blackburn to the U.S. Senate will just be more of the same. When I go to vote, I’ll be carefully looking at each candidate’s stance on animal protection issues and will only vote for candidates who are good on humane treatment of animals. I certainly won’t be voting for Blackburn. It’s time to get things done. Let's speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves!

Johnson City

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