Letters: What should fill Tupelo Honey's shoes?

Johnson City Press • Oct 14, 2018 at 12:00 AM

With Monday’s Question of the Week, we asked you what you think should replace the now-closed Tupelo Honey restaurant in downtown Johnson City’s historic CC&O train depot. Here are some of your responses.

Wining downtown

I would love to see an upscale wine/tapas bar. Our community has many breweries, but, except for Cafe Lola, we do not have a restaurant or bar that focuses on good wine.

Johnson City

A warm reception spot

I think the restored train depot would make a great place to hold receptions of all kinds as it is covered, has tables and makes a beautiful site through a camera's lens. The inside can still be a restaurant with renting out the depot for parties. It would be all ready to use and it would make a nice income in addition to the restaurant. The prices in the restaurant need to be similar to the prices of other restaurants in the area.

Johnson City

Cheesecake Factory fiend

To me, a dream come true would be having the Cheesecake Factory restaurant here in Johnson City. I moved here from South Florida and this is one restaurant that would be an excellent fit in our community.

Also, there is PF Chang’s that could be another good choice, but first choice would be the Cheesecake Factory.

Thanks in advance for your consideration regarding these two excellent choices.

Johnson City

A cafeteria from my youth

I’d like to see an updated Sonny’s style cafeteria downtown. It would take a clever menu and updated atmosphere, but the choose-your-own items along the the counter would be an inviting throwback. I remember going to both Sonny’s and Piccadilly as kid, and I’d like my kids to have a similar experience.

Johnson City

Send something from the south

I would like to see a Cantina restaurant which has a location in Biltmore Village in Asheville. The ambience of the Cantina would be a good fit for the former Tupelo Honey building. We need some quality Mexican cuisine in this area.

Johnson City

Macado’s about something

Speaking on the newly available space vacated by Tupelo Honey, I immediately remembered a favorite restaurant of mine and it's caution of opening a Johnson City location. Macado's, based out of Roanoke, Va., is an excellent choice for this particular building. Macado's is a popular option for lunch and dinner crowds specializing in a variety of deliciously unique sandwiches and subs, but also serving other savory options. I've spoken to a few managers and staff from locations from Kingsport to Boone, and one thing I learned is that the owners have a certain type of building in mind to house the unique restaurant design. I believe the CC&O Depot would be the perfect home for Macado's and finally bring the great dining experience to Johnson City.

Johnson City

Working for the Friday’s

I think Friday’s restaurant would be a great addition to Johnson City. It is a fun place to go with great food. They have gotten good responses in every city they are located. The menu and prices are good for our area.


Another Chang’s fan

PF Chang’s would be an ideal replacement as it would give instant name recognition with a notable Chinese food flair missing from the Tri-Cities area.

Johnson City

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