Letters: The Senate race

Johnson City Press • Oct 5, 2018 at 6:00 AM

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Bredesen was better debater

The Tennessee senatorial debate between Blackburn and Bredesen showed the contrast for direction this country needs to progress in to prepare for our next generation.

My own heart's desire is that our kids have the things that I had growing up — adequate food, medicine and safe schools. They deserve to have all of this, and we must work together to make it happen for the young people.

Early in the debate, Bredesen described the obstruction of democracy as “hyper-partisanship.” George Washington described this in his farewell address in 1746. Washington stated that much could be achieved “by prudence, conciliation and firmness.”

Debate is intrinsic to our process of legislation, and to flow well, timekeeping rules and tact are intrinsic. Blackburn three times at least went over the clock, and twice, took verbal jabs at the moderators as she grew impatient with the time clock being reset for the next topic. Her vitriolic tribunal began with her opening attacks to Bredesen as a tactic to try and lower the expectations of the listening audience, wasting time that could have been used for practical discussion. She predictably backslid into accusations, her perseverant chants of the names of people not even present, attempting again to defocus real, present-time discussion.

The statement that “we have ISIS on the run,” was quite disturbing to me, as terrorism is the clear and present danger that is not observed merely as motion on the field.

To my mind, Bredesen won this debate. He used time allotted, responded to the question and maintained respect for the audience. I hope that future debates will allow topic focus and respect for listeners.


Blackburn holds Tennessee values

Marsha Blackburn is a fighter, a maverick and a champion. She has well represented conservative Tennessee values in Congress since 2003. In her 15 years of Capitol Hill experience, she has demonstrated she is a fighter for life, healthcare, tax reform and fiscal responsibility. She plans to take her efforts to the Senate and deserves every Tennessean’s support.

Challenging her for the Senate is former governor and liberal Democrat Phil Bredesen. Bredesen was a decent governor, mostly because of his distance from national Democrats. He will be an awful senator. Instead of Tennessee values, Phil Bredesen would take the New York values of Chuck Schumer to Washington. According to the New York Times, Bredesen was personally courted into running my Schumer himself, with promises of a well-funded campaign. He is not only bought and paid for my the Democratic machine, he is a part of it. He has donated over $400,000 to Democrats in the past, including the Clintons, Al Gore and Obama. On top of all that, he worked extensively to help Hillary Clinton defeat Trump in our state in 2016. He claims he is not a toy of the “national Democratic Party.” Instead, he is an arm of it. He claims he will go to Washington to fix it. Instead, he will join Schumer’s cabal of chaos that is the Democratic minority.

Tennessee has a real choice for her next senator: Blackburn, who will represent Tennessee’s values, or Bredesen, who will go to Washington to become a part of the obstruction, lies and political drama that defines today’s Democrats. Marsha Blackburn’s campaign suffers from terrible messaging and overconfidence. But, records don’t lie and the truth doesn’t change: she is well qualified and would make a great senator. I’m with her; every Tennessean should be with her.

Johnson City

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