Letters: It's climate change; it's real

Johnson City Press • Sep 30, 2018 at 6:00 AM

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It’s climate change; it’s real

The world is getting warmer. Wildfires start sooner, burn longer and hotter, scorch more areas and kill more people. Heat waves last longer, also killing more people. So do other weather extremes spawned by climate change — flooding after torrential rains, and the hurricanes which millions of Americans and people the world over increasingly have to fear.

It’s climate change; it’s real; it’s us; it’s through an energy system based on fossil fuels.

To counteract these dangerous trends and reduce future risks, numerous US cities, counties, states have set goals for more climate-benign, clean alternative energy.

Many have enacted stronger efficiency measures, knowing that cutting energy waste saves consumers billions of dollars and helps avoid the power plant emissions that harm our health, and the climate, too.

Many dozens have committed to move to 100-percent clean, alternative energy a decade or two from now, and some have fully transitioned already. I say kudos to at least one county (Buncombe) and city (Boone) in our immediate North Carolina neighborhood who did so.

Several hundred have passed official resolutions to call on the Congress, and on President Trump, to address climate change and support national legislation to this end.

Many have called for a market-based, consumer-friendly and revenue-neutral fee on fossil fuels, reflecting their true cost to society, to slash the climate-harming emissions of greenhouse gases.

I suggest our elected officials work out a climate action plan as priority for local action, and call on the federal government to show political will toward effective, climate-stabilizing policy.

Henry Thoreau objected to slavery as a heinous condition and urged its abolishment. “Let every man make known,” he said, “what kind of government priority would command his respect, and that will be one step toward obtaining it.”


Sevier Center purchase helps community

I applaud the Johnson City Development Authority in their efforts to improve the lives of those who live in the John Sevier Center and for those of us who live with the Center everyday. The conditions of the center have been substandard for far too long for this who live in it. The roadblocks to relocate residents to better homes are many. However we are right to begin this process.

The John Sevier Center used to be an icon of Johnson City, a beacon of the promise and possibility of the small town in East Tennessee that punched above its weight. Banquets, balls, ceremonies and civil business were all held within the splendid walls of the downtown building.

We owe it to those who built Johnson City to revitalize this local downtown icon back to its former glory.

We owe it to our community members who live in the John Sevier center today to have safe and clean housing.

And we owe to the rest of us who live in Johnson City today to reimagine downtown Johnson City and to continue to make it the very best city we can.

Johnson City

Let FBI investigate accusations

If Brett Kavanaugh is innocent as he says, he should encourage a full FBI investigation into his behavior and character while in high school and college. Otherwise, one can only assume he is afraid of what such an investigation might discover.

Johnson City

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