Letters: Two views on Bredesen

Johnson City Press • Sep 28, 2018 at 6:00 AM

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Bredesen helped establish pharmacy school

The opioid epidemic has taken a massive toll on Northeast Tennessee. Practically every family has been impacted by opioids.

ETSU’s Gatton College of Pharmacy has been on the front lines of the opioid epidemic for years, yet not many people know that this school almost didn’t happen, and it was Gov. Phil Bredesen who worked to build the Gatton College of Pharmacy back in 2005.

Before his term in office, our communities in Northeast Tennessee suffered because of a shortage of pharmacists. To receive adequate treatment, many times, you had to travel a couple of hours to the nearest big city. Bredesen established the Gatton College of Pharmacy to help address this shortage.

Through this school, many members of our communities were given the chance to receive an education in nursing and pharmacology. It increased the number of professional, trained nurses in our hospitals and people were able to receive better care in the area.

If only they knew then how important it would be.

While Phil Bredesen has been working to help Northeast Tennessee, Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn has spent the last 15 years in Washington with little to show for it. The only notable legislation Congresswoman Blackburn sponsored was a bill that — through the fine print — made the opioid epidemic worse. The legislation, passed in 2016, prevented the DEA from going after large shipments of opioids. Congresswoman Blackburn has known that this bill prevented the DEA from enforcing the law for almost a year because “60 Minutes” reported it! But she’s still mum.

I trust Phil Bredesen as senator because he’s already had a lasting impact on fighting the opioid epidemic here in Northeast Tennessee and he’s going to continue to work on our behalf as our next senator. I hope my neighbors will join me.

Johnson City

Does Bredesen believe in sanctity of life?

Rev. Jeff Briere (Sept. 21 letter), please note a point you overlooked in comments in favor of Bredesen, or “Phil,” as you referred to the candidate.

Now, may I suggest, you are a “man of the cloth” or minister to the people with God’s word. Do you fail to see Phil will be part of the Democratic machine in Washington, and they are strongly in favor of abortion? The word from God speaks loudly against the murder of any kind, including the unborn.

Phil gets his support from the Washington Democratic machine. Bredesen will be loyal to them.

Just thought you might give some thought to what a vote for Bredesen will be, if elected. ... God forbid!


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