Letters: Do what's good for Unicoi

Johnson City Press • Sep 23, 2018 at 6:00 AM

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Do what’s good for Unicoi

The only thing I want to see happen to the Buffalo Valley Golf Course property is something that will benefit every taxpayer in Unicoi County.

Whether you realize it or not, every time a piece of property is given to a municipality, it has an effect on those who live in Flag Pond, Erwin and Unicoi. It means that amount of tax revenue must come from somewhere and guess who makes up for tax revenue lost? Be careful when giving away the tax base.


Protect Medicare and Social Security

Larry Kudlow, the head of Trump’s economic council, just said that after the election they are going after Medicare and Social Security because of the exploding national debt.

Why is the national debt exploding? Could it be the massive tax cuts for the rich and the corporations they own? But wait, we little people got a temporary tax cut and all of our employers have given us raises. Didn't we? Aren't they?

I guess we just threw our parents and grandparents under the bus. Even though Marsha Blackburn's best bud President Trump does not think much of us southerners or how we speak, she still adores him. You can tell a lot about people by the friends they keep.

Ask yourself if you really want to see Blackburn on TV every night ranting about anything and everything with the words “Senator, Tennessee” under her.

Register! Vote!


Walk to Remember

After working in long-term care and investments for most of my life, I know exactly how devastating an unexpected, life-altering event can be. I’ve met with countless people who are unprepared and overwhelmed when life suddenly takes an abrupt and often devastating turn.

And I’ve learned a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease is one of the most difficult turns a person’s life can take.

I’ve worked with a young woman whose parents both received that diagnosis. That news forced her to place both her mother and father in a 24-hour care facility in two separate rooms because they began not to recognize each other.

I’ve watched the cost of that care continue to climb and overwhelm families. I’ve heard from folks who have drained bank accounts, quit jobs and rearranged their lives to care for a loved one with Alzheimer’s.

And I’ve also seen the toll this disease takes on its victim’s mind and body — and the long, drawn out heartache it often causes their loved ones.

Those stories are why I plan to participate in the Johnson City Walk to End Alzheimer’s for the first time this month.

An estimated 5.7 million people are living with Alzheimer’s dementia right now, including 120,000 Tennesseans. Another person is diagnosed every 65 seconds.

There is no treatment and no cure — but there is hope.

Each year, people across the country join a local Walk to End Alzheimer’s. Together, we raise millions of dollars to fight this disease. That money goes toward research, support for caregivers and educational initiatives.

It helps shine a light on a dark disease that is too often not discussed publicly.

That’s why I’m asking you to walk with me on September 29 at Founders Park on the Great Lawn. Because if it hasn’t happened yet, it’s likely that one day, this disease will take you or someone you know by surprise.

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