Letters: Bredesen should be students' default vote

Johnson City Press • Sep 12, 2018 at 6:00 AM

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Bredesen should be students’ default vote

I recently read an article where Phil Bredesen, one of the candidates in Tennessee’s Senate race, outlined his position on the federal student loan system.

I don’t typically engage in politics, but I felt I had to speak up on this issue. Governor Bredesen touched on the problem of student debt default rates, a topic that greatly concerns me, and his approach is the fresh forward-thinking we should demand from our leaders.

With my college career coming to an end soon, it’s difficult not to be concerned about paying off student debt. Job searches are becoming more desperate, and the concept of the American dream is starting to sound more like a nightmare. Hard work isn’t enough anymore and that’s unacceptable. Students across Tennessee are facing the same overwhelming problem, and I wouldn’t be surprised if this issue discouraged high-schoolers from pursuing a college degree at all.

We need a federal student loan system that won’t oppress young people in America, and Phil Bredesen can give us just that. I support Bredesen and I can’t wait to see him in Washington, working for Tennessee’s students. That’s why I’m voting for Phil Bredesen for U.S. Senate on Nov. 6.

Colonial Heights

Vols game an honor for Bucs

Old dreams die hard, but some harder than others! As a 1989 ETSU graduate, I proudly dipped my toes in the water and became a respected member of the Department of Human Services in Nashville after my graduation. I took my history degree and became a field supervisor and genuinely enjoy the people I work with and the customers I serve.

My years as a Buccaneer also fed my rabid sports fandom. As a young transfer student in 1986, I was teased with a near victory over the University of Kentucky in 1985! As a student and a Nashville native, I always dreamed of our Bucs playing and besting the big boys. I traveled to the Omni in Atlanta to watch the trouncing of Arizona in the NCAA Basketball Tournament in 1992.

But then we just seemed to slip off the radar, the basketball team sunk into mediocrity and the football team got so bad it went away altogether. Then as a ray of sunshine, the football program got a reprieve, and Phil Fulmer, a neighborhood bigwig, to revive and turn around a dead and buried program.

Like a grandfather's barbecue recipe on a dusty index card, a competent team was assembled and schedule set. To paraphrase the “Night Before Christmas,” What to the wondering eye should appear, but UT on the schedule!

Seriously, nobody expected our coach to walk back home on I-81, it was simply an honor to be on the stage!

That's where we are. We are a young Loretta Lynn, Hank Williams, Reba McEntire or Kenny Chesney! We have been reborn! Bet they won't want the new kid in their house in five years. However, bowling in January sounds fun!


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