Letters: Students need dress code

Johnson City Press • Aug 31, 2018 at 6:00 AM

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Students need dress codes

Since the start of the school year, I have read or seen different articles about issues with dress codes throughout the U.S. I understand kids want to be individualized and stand out, but there is just too much drama over what’s appropriate or inappropriate for each sex.

My suggestion is schools go to a basic uniform of khakis and a collared shirt. It would only be preparing them for the workforce, as most retail, medical and professional jobs require a dress code. In addition, it would apply to both sexes and the real focus would be on their academics. Then when they got home the kids would be able express their individuality during their personal time and wear what they choose.

I know people would be worried about cost, but really why go there? Some parents are willing to buy jeans that look torn and worn for far more than what a pair of khakis cost at Walmart.

Johnson City

Roe should step outside his comfort zone

As noted in Marion Grover’s recent letter to the editor, U.S. Rep. Phil Roe seems to be one frightened man. Not only did fear of a few law-abiding protesters cause him to scurry out a side door in panic, he is now worried about the optics of border security personnel removing crying children from their parents’ arms. Roe is not concerned about this horrific policy, he is just afraid it is “not a good visual.” Perhaps we should also add “self-centered.”

I’m glad he feels better now after seeing 170 teenagers trapped in tents in the blazing sun near El Paso, Texas. So why does Roe feel the need to create a wacky conspiracy theory about drug cartels distracting border police? Will that make him feel safer?

I suggest Rep. Roe stop running from the truth and start listening to it. Even if that’s scary.

Johnson City

Good job, readers

The Johnson City Public Library has completed another successful Tennessee State Summer Reading Program! 2,169 children, teens and adults from all over the region participated in the “Libraries Rock” program. It was great to see the library so busy with active readers, who read more than 58,327 books and logged more than 6,747 hours of reading. We had over 3,387 attendees at our special programs throughout the summer.

The summer reading programs were assisted and supported by numerous businesses in the area. These programs would not have been possible without their financial support and partnership. We would like to thank Johnson City Monday Club, Friends of the Library, Bays Mountain Park and Planetarium, Barberitos, Chick-fil-A, Gems & Whims, Holy Taco Cantina, JK Sweet Cakes, Luke’s Pizza, Mahoney’s Outfitters, Mona Lisa Gelato, Monkee’s, Olive Oil Divine, Paramount Center for the Arts, Ryman Auditorium, The Down Home and Wheeler’s Bagels. We would also like to thank our volunteers whose hard work helped make summer reading a success.

We hope the 2018 summer reading programs made a lasting impression on the participants who helped us prove that libraries rock! Thank you to everyone who shared your summer with us. We look forward to sharing many more reading experiences with you at the Johnson City Public Library.


Johnson City

That darn cat

In response to your editorial, “Keep your cat to yourself” (June 15), I wholeheartedly agree people should keep cats restrained, same as dog owners.

I have been subjected to my yard being used as a litter box and my vehicle scratched from the hood to the top. Animal Control is not an option, because in my situation, said people wait until dark to let the cat out to do its damage.

My question is, does Johnson City code apply to homeowners outside of city limits? If so, who do you contact to speak to about someone constantly defying the law with no respect to other people’s property?


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