Letters: Give the voters a say on roads

Johnson City Press • Aug 17, 2018 at 6:00 AM

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Give the voters a say on roads

I feel that our road superintendent needs to be an elected official by the voters, instead of the (Washington) County Commission.

Our county has been needing a change for a long time. All of the other surrounding counties elect their road superintendents and they seem to do a better job than Washington County. Please help make the change now.

Johnson City

Support palliative care

Tennessee cancer patients and their families need all the support they can get. That’s why I was thrilled to see the House of Representatives pass the Palliative Care and Hospice Education and Training Act (PCHETA) last week.

This bipartisan bill would bring relief to patients and families by expanding palliative care — a type of coordinated medical care, administered by a team of doctors, that offers relief from the symptoms, pain and stress of a serious illness. By treating the whole person, and not just their disease, palliative care empowers patients to focus on getting better, resulting in better health outcomes and reduced costs.

Expanding palliative care would also help grow and sustain Tennessee’s health care workforce. PCHETA would provide palliative care training and education to doctors, nurses and others, preparing medical professionals in Tennessee to meet our country’s, expanding health care needs. PCHETA could also play an important role in addressing Tennessee’s opioid epidemic. By increasing research funding for alternative pain therapies and educating our health care workforce in core competencies on treating pain and symptom management, PCHETA would equip health care professionals to provide better care to patients with serious illnesses like cancer.

This bipartisan bill to improve patient quality of life, bolster our medical workforce and curb opioid abuse is a no-brainer — but it won’t move forward unless the Senate HELP Committee acts. Join me in calling on Sen. Lamar Alexander to give PCHETA a vote and ensure cancer patients and their families get the care and support they deserve.

Shady Valley

Pining for past politicians

The following is quote from a statement made by president Woodrow Wilson in 1914:

“My thought is of America. I am speaking, I feel sure, the earnest wish and purpose of every thoughtful American that this great country of ours, which is, of course, the first in our thoughts and in our hearts, should show herself in this time of peculiar trial a Nation fit beyond others to exhibit the fine poise of undisturbed judgment.”

“The first in our thoughts,” that sentiment is completely lost on the current crop of politicians, most put their self and party interest before our country. They cower in fear afraid to speak of an administration filled with corruption, lies and a lack of any agenda to move this country forward, except to benefit the chosen few, and instead of draining the swamp, it’s just been filled by wealthy self-serving large alligators. It will get worse. “The fine poise of undisturbed judgment,” seems we have none.

Piney Flats

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