Letters: Will you sign up for BrightRidge broadband Part 2

Johnson City Press • Aug 5, 2018 at 6:00 AM

In Monday’s Question of the Week, we asked you if the Tennessee Valley Authority should begin offering high-speed, broadband internet services to rural residents. Here are some of your responses.

I would, if it gets here

I would certainly sign up, however they will probably be just like Charter and decide that we folks down on McQueen Hollow Road just aren't worth running it to. Charter wanted three grand to run their cable 200 feet to my house. So I guess I'll always be stuck with old slow CenturyLink.

Johnson City

First, a few questions

I am undecided about signing up — answers to the following will assist me:

Will the offering include an internet security component? Currently my ISP includes Norton Security, so if I have to purchase something separately, it affects the true cost of the offering since Norton, McAfee, etc. all cost about $80/year.

I live in the Carnegie neighborhood, and have no idea when coverage will be extended to this area. It lies outside the area enclosed by I-26, Roan, University Parkway that was referenced in earlier news releases. Knowing the date when the switch could happen in my neighborhood is important to assure no lapse of connectivity occurs. I handle bills and banking online for nearly everything.

Will the offering in my neighborhood be by fiber-optic, or wi-fi? This also will affect my total cost to switch, as purchasing a wireless router may be necessary. Information about router compatibility in this case is needed.

I am a 71-year-old City of Johnson City Transit retiree, and so is my wife. I am disabled from a stroke, in a wheelchair, and we did not attend the recent public meeting.

Johnson City

Looking forward to it

I am eagerly anticipating the broadband application in the Jonesborough area. I built a home that is quite a distance from the main road. Hooking up to cable to receive broadband services is quite expensive, so I use a phone service provider, which needless to say is slow at best.

So, depending on the services available, I will most likely hook up to the Bright Ridge broadband service.


Fed up with the monopolies

I will absolutely be signing up once it's available in my area (Phase 4 per the graphics posted yesterday).

Right now my only choice for cable service is Charter. Monopolies are always bad for the consumer. The mere presence of a competitor will cause Charter and Comcast to provide better service at lower prices.

Even if my bill doubles, at least my money will be going to local jobs instead of some faceless national corporation.

Johnson City

I’ll stick with what works

In response to the Johnson City Press Mail Bag question, “Will you sign up for BrightRidge broadband?” My answer is no.

I am a retired residential customer, and my existing broadband works fine.

BrightRidge says their pricing will be competitive, but why should I change providers to a new unproven service from an electric utility. BrightRidge claims the present broadband providers are “for profit” companies and BrightRidge is not. If this is the case, the BrightRidge pricing should be considerably less and not just competitive pricing. If I was a business and my company was dependent on reliable broadband, I would think twice before changing.

Does BrightRidge have a safety net process should a backbone fiber get cut? Unless I lived in an area where broadband was not available, I would be keeping my status quo.

I understand BrightRidge will be rolling out their service in phases. Phase one is downtown Johnson City. Is downtown Johnson City an underserved area? I think not. Will those underserved areas BrightRidge claims to want to provide services have to wait till phase 8?

Johnson City

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