Letters: BrightRidge broadband a welcome addition

Johnson City Press • Aug 2, 2018 at 6:00 AM

In Monday’s Question of the Week, we asked you if you would sign up for BrightRidge’s broadband service if it’s offered in your area. Here are some of your responses.

Break the cable stranglehold

We are excited that BrightRidge will be providing access to internet/TV/phone in Jonesborough. Finally we will be able to escape from the oppression of our cable TV source.

We are fed up with Comcast Xfinity and have been for a while. No competition means they were the only game in town and they have taken full advantage of that situation. We pay too much for too many channels that we don't care to watch.

We want a reliable service that provides internet/television/phone for competitive prices and includes a la carte choices of programming.

Thanks for the opportunity to express our opinion.


Chomping at the megabit

Prior to moving to Tennessee I lived in Massachusetts and Verizon introduced FIOS.

FIOS provided fiber network connection to internet, cable and telephone, It was a totally awesome product.

Quality of signal was extremely clear and very, very dependable, watching TV was like going to a movie theater.

Never lost signal during a rain or snow storm, never experienced outages or no dial tone (quite common here) and if service was required, it was provided quickly and efficiently.

I am anxious for this service to be available in my location, and I'll sign up in a heartbeat.

From my previous experience, everyone will be delighted with this pending service!


Need fast internet for home office

I am a retiree living in Limestone and would welcome a choice to have faster internet and streaming services. Currently Xfinity (Comcast) stops 200 feet from my home, so CenturyLink is my only choice. Their speeds do not offer what I need if I want to work from home, and streaming is a challenge on a good day.

I, for one, would welcome and encourage BrightRidge to keep moving forward. Rural areas have a lot of talent to offer with the necessary infrastructure.

Also, what an incentive for growth in the Washington County Industrial Park.


Need more info

I went to the BrightRidge meeting on Thursday and was quite disappointed.

I need to know specific areas of service, a menu of service and pricing, but I got nothing. Zero information.

What they are doing is great! Comcast and Xfinity SUCK.

The biggest problem for me is the service area presented (in all eight phases) doesn't include my house on Hales Chapel Road.? Why not?


Keep prices low

The public for many years has tolerated monopolies Charter/Spectrum and Comcast because there were limited alternatives for internet services. Satellite and telephone options have proven to offer slower speeds and are unpredictable because of weather interruptions. I have always vowed to change to the first other option available because of the long time resentment over price gouging and deplorable service provided by these monopolies, so I will change regardless!

However I feel that BrightRidge will need to determine the lowest cost for which it could profitably offer these services to its customers, considering cost recovery of its initial investment spread-out over a number of years. If it based its pricing on that, rather than “competitive pricing” against these abusive monopolies, which is already excessive due to many years of unwarranted price increases, it could immediately capture the local market. If it makes the mistake of simply “pricing competitively,” it will miss a real opportunity. More than a slight price reduction for these services will not be enough for many. Since BrightRidge is a nonprofit entity, we will all benefit from these services, which might ultimately lead to overall lowering of energy pricing.

Johnson City

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