Letters: Last-minute election advice

Johnson City Press • Aug 1, 2018 at 6:00 AM

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Don’t believe false information

This past Saturday, I received a campaign mailer from ‘Reeves for Mayor’ in my mailbox. It contained misleading accusations as well as falsehoods — the only purpose of either was to stir the pot and insult the intelligence of Washington County voters.

A friend of mine called the number on that mailer; Mr. Reeves answered the phone himself. After my friend asked questions and pressed him pretty hard for some kind of explanation, his only defense was: “I didn’t prepare the mailer, my friends did.” That answer was telling: the lack of accountability and disorganization within his own campaign created a simple mailer full of words he cannot stand by.

How can you be a leader when you have become a puppet of a group of people merely seeking revenge and offering no solutions?

Later that same day, I spoke to Joe Grandy. He called me after he was asked, at the Hales Ruritan meeting earlier in the day, “What about your plans to sell the county asphalt plant for your $1.2 million to a private company?” This was news to Joe, so imagine his surprise when that same day, at Limestone Ruritan he was asked the same question … by a different person. His response: “We have the best roads in the state. Roads are paved about every 20 years, and we bought a new, state-of-the-art plant three years ago. Why would anyone consider selling it?” Of course, this was a rumor started by the Reeves camp.

The County Commission is the only body that has the authority to sell or lease county property, after considering a recommendation from me with an in-depth study. The Commission alone makes those decisions. The mayor has no such authority.

Joe Grandy runs an efficient campaign with clear cut solutions for issues affecting all taxpayers.


Vote for Bredesen’s broadband solution

Governor Bredesen’s plan to expand rural broadband access using TVA makes a whole lot of sense to me, and we should send him to the Senate to get it done.

Fast and reliable internet, at school and at home, is a necessity for students of all ages today. The elementary school I work at is lucky to have reliable internet, especially since 34 percent of Tennesseans do not have that same access. And that 34 percent includes students who leave schools with reliable internet to go home to areas without. How can those students be expected to do their homework and keep up with their peers?

Clearly, we need a big fix to this problem. TVA already provides reliable utility service to people across the state and across the region, urban and rural, so why not extend that service to include broadband? TVA, which doesn’t receive any taxpayer money, is a smart and sensible business and a unique asset to our state.

We in Tennessee have led the nation so often before, and I think it’s time to do it again to bridge the urban-rural divide. I support Phil Bredesen’s plan, and I hope he can make it a reality once he goes to the U.S. Senate.

Johnson City


Roe’s a busy congressman

Since 2008, Dr. Phil Roe has been our elected congressional representative for the 1st District of Tennessee.

Recently, Dr. Roe has faced allegations that he isn’t accessible enough to the people. Serving as Chairman of the House Committee of Veterans’ Affairs can consume more time away from the district, but makes a big impact on the national level. The work he is doing has helped reform the VA and healthcare for millions of our nation.

On a local level, Dr. Roe has been present at many local events across the district as well as presenting 26 bills to President Trump for him to sign into law.

Our congressman is working hard not only in Washington, but our district as well. East Tennessee has never looked better on a national stage. I am proud to have such an admirable person to represent, and advocate for our region, our veterans, and our nation’s citizens.

Johnson City

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