Letters: Ain't no party like the Republican Party

Johnson City Press • Jul 25, 2018 at 8:15 AM

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It’s doggone pandering

It is difficult to differentiate among the Republican candidates for Tennessee governor, but I have finally been able to eliminate one — Randy Boyd.

While it may not be illegal to sprinkle funds around our communities through a related foundation, it is certainly unethical. The Boyd Foundation announcements of several dog park donations coinciding with beginning of early voting is really transparent, and it underestimates the intelligence of the voters.

I will not sell my vote for a dog park and I hope others do not as well.


Ain’t no party like the Republican Party

We have a very important election in Washington County, with early voting going on right now. I would like to encourage the voters to consider the Republican ticket for our county offices.

I have worked in the Washington County Republican Party most of my life. I believe we have some of the most outstanding candidates this year, and they are committed to Republican values and conservative principles. I know each of these candidates and have encouraged several of them to run for office.

Please check your ballot and vote for the Republican nominees. Experienced, conservative county management matters! Vote Republican on Aug. 2!

Your vote matters!

Johnson City

Roe’s ignoring the evidence

The July 20 headline noted that Congressman Roe had declared that he was "proud" of President Trump's performance at the Helsinki summit. The congressman's response is yet another unhappy reminder that the radical right wing of the Republican Party no longer represents the ideals that saved the Union.

The congressman asks us to blame the news media for what all Americans saw with their own eyes as a president of the United States groveled before the former colonel in the Soviet Union's KGB, a tyrant. The congressman states that the Russians "tried" to interfere in our elections!

"Tried" is the wrong word. Putin spearheaded a multifaceted attack on our democracy as well as undermining the Western Alliance, with President Trump’s ongoing help, and the congressman has the gall to say that Trump was "tough."

No, Congressman Roe, "You have been weighed on the scales and found wanting." In these days of crisis, we must regain our sense of honor, pride and patriotism.

Don't try to convince sane people that we did not see President Trump give away American power and ideals at Helsinki. In the words of conservative George F. Will, what we saw at Helsinki was a "weak wreck of a man."

Don't try to convince us that we did not see collusion before our very eyes and the eyes of the entire world.


It’s up to Congress

Congress needs to step up and do its job! This president is out of control and they know it.

It is not OK to trust dictators (or meet with them privately) over our own government. It is not OK to “think about” handing over U.S. citizens to Russia for interrogation. It is not OK to invite Putin to the people’s White House when it is beyond any doubt that he attacked us via cyber warfare to interfere with and impact our elections. It is not OK to separate children from their parents (even if you think they are here illegally); and, it is not OK for this president to continue to profit financially from his office.

Trump cannot see beyond himself. It’s up to Congress to get him under control. So, to Republicans in Congress, please put your fears aside and think about our country, your constituents, and the Constitution because you will be judged on Nov. 6th (if we can survive).


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