Letters: Questions for Kavanaugh

Johnson City Press • Jul 22, 2018 at 6:00 AM

In Monday’s Question of the Week, we asked you what you wanted to know about Brett Kavanaugh before his confirmation vote for the Supreme Court. Here are some of your responses.

Ask about environmental issues

I would have three questions for the nominee Brett Kavanaugh or any nominee:

1. Do you believe the scientific evidence that global warming is caused by human activity?

2. Does your interpretation of the unalienable right to the “pursuit of happiness” include the right to cause damage to the environment, contribute to global warming, and waste natural resources that are necessary for life on this planet?

3. Do you believe the government has the right or duty to protect all life in this country or on this planet?

Johnson City

Getting to know you

All questions pertain to you and or close family member, and briefly explain.

Did/have you ever: play any sport whether organized or not? Serve in military? Been threatened with a gun? Been a victim of a serious crime? Given to any charity? Been unable to pay a bill? Been hospitalized for more than 3 days in the last 5 years? Been in or visited a nursing home? Been in an auto accident? Been raped? Gone fishing or hunting? Grown your own vegetables? Drank alcohol? Build something tangible with your own hands, like a house or shed? Write a book? Adopt a "rescue" pet? Been a caretaker for a family member? Watch PBS? Had your privacy invaded? Played a musical instrument? Maintain a lifelong hobby? Failed a test? Written a program in any computer language? Play chess against a computer? Play a video game? Pilot an aircraft? Had an anaphylactic episode? Interacted with artificial intelligence? Had frostbite? Heat injury? Prayed for guidance? Had your identity stolen? Been divorced? Adopt a child? Babysit a 2-year-old? Drive a truck larger than a pick up for more than 200 miles? Play with a drone?

Johnson City

His actions speak loudly enough

Kavanaugh should not be confirmed. His somewhat archaic viewpoints seem guided by dollars rather than by law.

Kavanaugh co-authored Citizens United putting corporate money into politics by recognizing corporations as people; a decision that redefined corruption in our government. A corruption that all Americans are witnessing daily.

Additionally, Kavanaugh said, “We should not burden a sitting president with civil suits, criminal investigations, or criminal prosecutions.” In the midst of the Trump investigation, it seems rather likely that Kavanaugh was chosen for that statement alone. He also said he would “put the final nail” in that ruling. This is exemplary of his commitment to the viewpoint that the president should have absolute discretion in limiting or stopping investigations into himself or his administration, making the ramifications for the Mueller investigation quite clear. For this alone, Kavanaugh should not be confirmed. No one, president, senator, representative, mayor or police chief is above the law. Their job is to serve we, the people and not vice versa. Anyone in public office that breaks the law at any time should be held accountable immediately.

I urge our senators to place people above party. Kavanaugh is not fit for the Supreme Court nor do I believe he is fit for any court in America.


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