Letters: Lucky to have the library

Johnson City Press • Jul 13, 2018 at 6:00 AM

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Lucky to have the library

Do the citizens of Johnson City realize how fortunate we are to have such an excellent library? The hardworking staff should be commended for their efforts in developing and presenting the diverse activities that encompass everyone from toddlers to adults.

A library report issued about the 2016-2017 year stated there were 1,125 programs offered in Youth Services during that time period numbering 39,250 participants. There were 188 programs for adults with 1,445 people attending. The library issued over 3,700 new memberships. These statistics and others in the report indicate the library is doing a good job. But somehow, these numbers seem misleading to me as I have attended several library events where there were many empty seats.

Recently, there was a public forum open to the community to meet three candidates who are being considered for the position of library director. There may have been 40 to 50 attendees. Many of these were members of the staff, board and Friends of the Library, which is to be expected. Does that mean only a handful of citizens is interested in meeting the person who may become the next director and their vision for the library?

There are programs scheduled almost daily, but often, the number of people who attend is low. I wonder if the high participation rate can be attributed to the same adults and children regularly attending many of the events while an even larger number of people go to the library only on occasion. This might explain the low attendance rate at some of the programs. The Johnson City library definitely reaches out to involve the community. Johnson City residents need to take better advantage of the opportunity they have and enjoy their library.

Johnson City

Thanks for the Jonesborough Senior Center

A great big thank you is in order to the officials of Jonesborough who had the foresight to plan and fund a first-rate senior center.

There are opportunities for many card games, bingo, shuffle board, quilting, puzzle working, choir singing, Bible lessons and much more. Transportation is provided for those who do not drive. A nutritious meal daily for sign up at a very nominal cost. Trips are planned for shopping, sightseeing and fun times. A fitness center (second to none) has 20 outlets designed to exercise every muscle in your body. Organized sessions designed to keep older bodies flexible are conducted. Mary Sanger, Kathy Crawford and Crystal Hirschy are working tirelessly to make each day more meaningful. Kathleen O’Brian, a registered nurse, will see to health needs.


North Korea is China’s weakness

As expected, North Korea is already ignoring any provisions or promises made, real or imagined, to dispose of its nuclear program. The same old game that Rocket Man’s daddy and grandpa played is being played with a little bit of a twist. If anything, he is accelerating his ballistic platforms and more powerful nuclear warheads.

One reason he can do this is China has eased restrictions on trade with North Korea in response to the so-called trade tariff war. I seriously doubt that China was restricting trade to any major degree with North Korea in the first place. All this means is China can now help North Korea out in the open and call it retribution for trade tariffs.

The strange thing is why do we place so much emphasis on North Korea? The North Korean nuclear program is no more than a bargaining chip for China. China knows that any nuclear attack from North Korea would invoke a devastating response from the USA. The radiation fallout alone would affect a good portion of China, as well as a great majority of Southeast Asia. China wants to be the supreme power in that region of the world. What good would that be if the region is a radiation wasteland for the next thousands of years?

Remember the old saying, “Follow the money.” North Korea gets aid from China. China’s money is generated from being on the plus side of trade deficits especially with the USA. Where would China’s economy be today if not for the USA? Go get them Trump and get off of this Russia/Putin fascination!


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