Letters: Legal immigration is welcome

Johnson City Press • Jul 6, 2018 at 6:00 AM

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Legal immigration is welcome

The July 1 edition of the paper featured an article regarding the ongoing debate about immigration into the country from the southern border. The author quoted one of the protestors saying that immigration was a “human right” and not a "political" right. This type of rhetoric seems to me to be disingenuous at best and completely incorrect when it comes to the laws of this country.

I am the descendant of immigrants on both the maternal and paternal side of my family. These people entered the country through a port of entry and were legally admitted to this great country. They assimilated into the culture and became citizens in the legal manner prescribed. They made no attempt to sneak across the border into the country and try to live under the radar.

There is good reason for people who seek a better way of life to immigrate to this country, however, they need to do it the way our laws prescribe and come through an authorized port of entry. Any other means of entry is simply NOT LEGAL according to the laws of our country. It is apparent to this observer that the protestors out in force this past few weeks have NO knowledge of the laws of this country and are bound and determined to entice potential immigrants to try to enter illegally. When the immigrants are caught doing the illegal entry, they have to face the consequences of their actions. That is the way a civilized society works.

The United States has always and will always welcome immigrants who come here legally. These immigrants also need to assimilate into the society, speak English, which is the language of the country, earn their living and contribute to the economic well-being of the country.

Johnson City

God controls the climate

Environmentalists want to lower the carbon dioxide they consider a pollutant, which will cause higher electric bills for everyone.

Dr. Richard Lindzen, professor at MIT said, "carbon dioxide isn't a pollutant."

"There's clear evidence that increased atmospheric carbon dioxide is environmentally helpful to food crops and other plants that nourish all life," Lindzen said. "It's plant food, not poison."

About 10,000 scientists with the highest college degrees agree with him and see no cause for alarm about climate change. See www.petitionproject.org. Environmentalists are lying when they say all scientists agree with them and the "science is settled." According to the National Center for Policy Analysis, man-made carbon dioxide amounts to under 4 percent of all carbon dioxide. The truth is there are many variables affecting Earth’s climate.

Professor Philip Stott said, "Climate is the most complex, coupled, non-linear, chaotic system known to man. Major reductions in carbon emissions aren't worth the money."

Dr. Will Happer said all the computer models couldn't predict Hurricane Irma's path two days ahead, and no climate models can predict future climate change. Predicting future climate temperatures isn't science, it's science fiction.

God controls the climate. The Bible tells us what climate to expect. Psalm 9 says, "the wicked shall be turned into hell and all nations that forget God."

We will see record earthquakes and volcanoes. God will soon burn one-third of the earth during the tribulation, probably from all volcanoes erupting at the same time. The Bible says only with the blood of Jesus covering our sins will we escape the wrath to come!

You won't get eternal life by feeling God in nature or helping the environment, but only through a relationship with Jesus that changes your nature.



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