Letters: Congressman Roe's busy week

Johnson City Press • Jun 22, 2018 at 6:00 AM

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Moral limbo

How low can our morals go as country?

First it was Trump’s low sexual morals, grabbing women’s private parts and bragging about it, and affairs with porn stars. Then it was the open graft of his administration (swamp anyone?). Now we are willing to separate young children from their parents seeking asylum in the U.S. We now treat migrants as animals. How low can we go?

And where is the outrage? From Congress, none. Letters on this to our local representative, Dr. Roe, receive no response.

And where is the outrage from us? We claim to be a Christian nation, especially here in the Bible belt. So my greatest sorrow is that people I know who claim Jesus as their Lord are ignoring the desperate pleas for humane treatment. What would Jesus do? Would he ignore the fact that babies are being ripped from their mothers by ICE agents? Would he shrug and turn away? Have we really become that country?

I fear we have crossed a new Rubicon. Our morals have departed us. Next they might come for us — and we may deserve it, having failed to stand up for children and families.

Johnson City

Roe’s word are damaging

“I want to bury them.” — U.S. House Rep. Dr. Phil Roe speaking to a group of supporters on 6/18/18, while another group of his constituents gather outside to protest the inhumane and inexcusable separation of migrant families.

Really, Dr. Roe? Is that sentiment reflective of your Hippocratic Oath? Does it demonstrate the level of commitment you have toward all of your constituents, or just the Democrats or those who find this practice reprehensible regardless of party affiliation? Does it represent the depth and breadth of your proclaimed Christianity? Who would Jesus separate, Dr. Roe?

I can’t decide which is more hypocritical. You and your supporters, who sing “God Bless America” in response to un-represented constituents protesting the cruel and uncompassionate treatment of migrant families, are appalling.

I have two quotes of my own in response to the partisan garbage spewed by you and the supporters in that room yesterday. The first is, “Don’t cling to a mistake just because you took a long time making it.” The second, “When someone shows you who they really are, believe them.”

You’re making a mistake, are too heartless and stubborn to see it, and we see who you really are. We see. We believe you.


Roe deserves our support

We are very fortunate to have such a fine gentleman serving as our congressman. Dr. Phil Roe has given his entire life to serve others as a veteran, physician, mayor and as our congressman.

Anyone who knows him knows the love he has for children. I think it was disgraceful the way the group at Johnson City hall acted this week with bullhorns, screaming, even holding up nasty signs with Nazi symbols on them.

Dr. Roe is a man of love who genuinely cares about everyone regardless of any status. I find it even more disturbing that some of this group who were supposedly protesting about illegal immigrants and their children's rights are themselves vocal supporters of abortions of our precious babies. To me this shows they were only there to further the resistance movement they are part of. In plain talk "just to cause a ruckus."

Dr. Roe, thank you for standing up for our children and your strong support of the unborn. We are blessed to have you as our congressman.


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