Letters: Produce local, fresh eats

Johnson City Press • Jun 6, 2018 at 6:00 AM

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Produce local, fresh eats

It was great to read in Sunday's (May 27) Press that the Johnson City Farmers Market is working to decrease the reselling of produce and increase the representation of locally grown food to 75 percent.

Your readers should also know that the Jonesborough Farmers Market has been 100 percent producer-only since it began in 2008 — vendors may only sell what they grow themselves. Other producer-only markets can be found at ETSU, and in Blountville, Elizabethton, Greeneville, Norton and Abingdon.

As a farmer, I want to sell at a producer-only markets, so the more opportunities, the better! Customers also need to know that Johnson City is becoming part of a well-established base of 100 percent producer-only markets.


Dealing with the workforce of the future

I support increased restriction of immigration, legal and illegal, due to robots entering the workforce.

Our population growth is 0.71%. It is estimated we need 1.3 million immigrants a year to keep the economy robust and our population growth from declining. I say no, we don't.

Robots are already replacing immigrant workers. Robots are picking crops across the country. At Lockheed Martin, three robots took the place of 15 employees.

By 2050, the U.S. population is expected to be 400 million. Robots are expected to be 40 percent of the workforce by 2050. Where will the jobs be to support 400 million people?

We have to think 20 years in the future to prevent creeping massive unemployment for our children. There will not be the same tax base to support entitlement programs, with robots taking our jobs. Companies will not pay Social Security, disability and unemployment on replaced workers.

Wisdom is thinking of future consequences from actions you are taking in the present. We need the wisdom to see the reality of a future shared with robots and keep our immigration numbers down now! We need leaders who will protect the interests of U.S. citizens, both now and in the future.



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