Letters: Inclusiveness will exclude traditional Scouting families

Johnson City Press • May 13, 2018 at 6:00 AM

We asked you with Monday’s Question of the Week to share your thoughts on changes within the Boy Scouts of America allowing gay and transgender children and girls to join as Scouts. Here are some of your responses.

Inclusiveness will exclude traditional Scouting families

I am totally against the changes implemented by the Boy Scouts over the last nine years. I was in the Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts and Explorer Scouts and can trace much of my leadership, organizational, and relationship skills to those years in Scouting. My mom was a den Mother and my dad was our troop leader for some of that time, so we were devoted to the program.

Many of our male and female government and corporate leaders began learning the skills which prepared them for today's demands in the Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts, respectively. I believe the direction of becoming all-inclusive for the sake of political correctness can only result in a further membership decline for the Boy Scouts of America.


History shows strength in diversity

It can only help, although a few individuals will be annoyed.

Time and again, organizations became stronger when they diversified their membership. The best example is the military. Time was, no African Americans were allowed. War made that inconvenient. Now the military is composed of many nationalities and colors. And women! Commanders now understand the benefits of a diverse team of fighting men and women.

Change can be uncomfortable, but change is what keeps organizations relevant and responsive to the times.

Johnson City

Scout for alternatives

Christian families can't trust the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts to teach their sons and daughters about service and leadership anymore because liberals have taken control of scouts. Christians can't be a part of the scouts. The Christian youth program Trail Life USA provides a Christian alternative to scouting. The BSA is teaching kids when your values become unpopular, just change them. Boy Scouts used to be required to be a boy with honor and "morally straight." Scouts are now taught it's okay to "be you" whatever you might feel you are.

The Southern Baptist Convention, the nations largest protestant denomination passed a proclamation in 2014 encouraging its churches to look for alternatives to BSA. Baptist churches have a RA(boys) and GA(girls) program or AWANA program. The AWANA program is a non-denomination Christian program with scouting-type activities for boys and girls.

The BSA has lost membership since they changed in 2013 to allow for the first time homosexual boys to participate in scouting. In 2015 BSA changed to allow homosexual leaders for the first time. In January 2017 the BSA began accepting transgender members. In October 2017 the BSA announced it will allow girls to join the BSA. The BSA is doomed. Good-bye BSA. To put it in camping terms the BSA is cooked or done, put a fork in it. Pray for kids growing up in a Godless America. Pray for parents to wake up and do their job and not let liberals do it for them. We can be thankful for over a century the Boy Scouts have been a great American institution and had a great run, just as America has had a great run!


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