Letters: Learn about naloxone

Johnson City Press • May 2, 2018 at 6:00 AM

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Learn about naloxone

In the midst of the opioid crisis, our state is trying to mount a strong, comprehensive response through the TN Together Plan. So far, legislation has focused on setting limits for opioid prescriptions to prevent potential addiction in new patients, which is an important element to addressing and controlling the epidemic. However, in a state where there are at least three people dying from opioid-related overdose each day, we need to make sure we are doing enough to save lives and connect individuals to treatment.

Earlier this month, the U.S. Surgeon General released a national advisory in support of naloxone as a critical, life-saving tool, and advocated for more people across all disciplines and walks of life to learn about it, become trained to administer it, and keep it readily available. While naloxone is not the answer to solving the opioid crisis, it needs to be a major part of our plan to help those who are already struggling with addiction, so that they can then receive treatment.

As a state, we need to be vigilant about maintaining our compassion and remember that this is an issue affecting individuals, families, and communities, and the more we can do to limit the devastating impact of addiction, the better. I urge anyone who is skeptical about naloxone to keep an open mind and attend the community training event hosted by ETSU’s College of Pharmacy at the Healing Hands Center in Bristol on May 16th.

Johnson City

Codes go too far

I have noticed that political signs and garage sale signs can be posted all over the right-of-ways and other properties and can remain there for months without being taken down.

However, a small business cannot put up any small sign even on their own property for a short period without being harassed by the codes division and threatened to be fined. This is a situation that would discourage any small business from locating in Johnson City.

Please be fair to all parties!

Johnson City

Going once, going twice...

It appears that the Johnson City Planning Commission seems to be delaying the sale of the beautiful Buffalo Valley Golf Course. It is my understanding that the commission has repeatedly stated that the golf course has lost a tremendous amount of revenue since its purchase in 1993 and cost the taxpayers of Johnson City a great deal of monies.

Did not the commission ask for bids on the course and the only one they received was a reasonable offer of $400,000 from the Town of Unicoi. So why not take it? Everyone wins. No more loss of revenue to the taxpayers of Johnson City, the golf course reopens and allows for all the surrounding communities to enjoy the course.

I am sure that there are other issues at hand, however, all we hear is how much it cost taxpayers and yet there has been several thousands of dollars approved for Pine Oaks of which were needed. It too is likely not breaking even.

Pine Oaks is nice but it has two major highways running through it. Buffalo Valley is beautiful. Yet very little investment and improvements have been done since purchase. Right now, everyone loses. How about selling the course to Unicoi or consider donating it to ETSU as they sure do a lot for the community?

Taxpayers should be upset at the waste of funds especially now that the commission, and others are just letting the course ruin. It would have been best to keep it up while trying to sell, but I am not sure that this was actually the intent. If so, why not sale to Unicoi? Take the money and let the people have additional choices to play golf. I am sure the citizens in Unicoi are upset and frustrated as well.

Johnson City


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