Letters: The county primaries are upon us

Johnson City Press • Apr 6, 2018 at 6:00 AM

The Johnson City Press is happy to publish your thoughts on the upcoming local, state and national elections. As residents prepare to head to the polls, we usually receive a spike in election-themed Letters to the Forum. To help control the flow, we’re setting a deadline of April 11 for letters related to the county primary. We’ll publish as many as we can by April 22. After the primary vote, we’ll start accepting and publishing letters about the state and federal primaries and the general elections.

Authors must sign their letters and include addresses and phone numbers for verification. Letters may be no longer than 300 words and will be edited for grammar, style and length. Send your submission to Mailbag, P.O. Box 1717, Johnson City, TN 37605-1717 or [email protected].

Former commissioner for Ferguson

This letter is to let the people of Johnson City know about Mark Ferguson and some of his attributes.

Mark and I served on the County Commission together. Mark and I were assigned to the CIA Committee together. I was chairman of the committee, and Mark, along with Greg Matherly and Mr. Woodby, served on that committee.

The city had approached the county on several occasions to join them in supporting the TIF (tax increment financing) program. They had always been turned down by the county. We approached the TIF Committee to come present the program again. After this, we discussed the program and voted to present it to the County Commission. The commission voted to accept the program. The TIF is to help rebuild the blighted area of downtown Johnson City. The county has contributed $2.3 million to date for the TIF.

Mark was a big supporter of this program. Last year, the county contributed $425,000 to the TIF. If not for Mark and our CIA Committee, the city would have received nothing.

City residents vote for Mark Ferguson for mayor. We could not get a better man for the job. He is experienced in county government and lots of business practices.

Johnson City

Far from forgetting Ferguson

Thinking of voting for Mark Ferguson for county mayor?

There is no “common sense” about it.

Mark was the ringleader for part-time county commissioners to keep their full-time perk of free health insurance paid for by the taxpayers! This little goodie benefited Mark and his buddies up to $18,000 a year each at your expense.

Mark seems to think that the recent tax increase for schools was a bad thing. Has he forgotten that in 2006 he voted to raise our property taxes by 35 cents? Was his tax increase any better than the more recent one?

And remember when Mark called the industry leaders of local manufacturing operations down in Telford “Japs?” He did a lot to damage relationships with a major employer in our area. Mark only later said he was unaware that use of this word was derogatory.

Is this the kind of person you want representing you? Just say no to this kind of behavior. Washington County can’t afford to put Mark Ferguson in charge of our future.


Ford for Trustee

I have known Dale Ford all my life and am proud to call him a friend. He has donated many thousands of dollars to people in need by his tireless effort to buy food and cook for fundraisers. Dale was a Major League umpire and has umpired hundreds of ball games free for children and worked with children in ball clinics and Boy Scouts.

He serves in his community whenever and wherever needed, unlike his opponent on a paid advisory committee and in paid directorships.

Dale cuts and hauls wood free to people in need and is always available to help his farmer friends with manual labor or to cook for people who have lost a family member or who have family illness.

For many years I have enjoyed hearing Dale sing in his family quartet and minister to churches. He served his district well as state representative and brought needed water, road projects and grants to Washington County and surrounding counties.

He will be a servant to Washington County people and will never put their money at risk by giving money to special interest groups to invest. He has always believed in government by the people and for the people and has always had an open door policy whether at home or as a public official.

We need Dale as trustee of Washington County. He, unlike his opponent, has always opposed special interest groups raising taxes to advance their causes and will keep their hands off our tax dollars.

Sulphur Springs

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