Letters: Give gun control a shot

Johnson City Press • Apr 5, 2018 at 6:00 AM

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Give gun control a shot

A letter (March 29) opposes anti-gun laws, arguing they won’t stop gun violence. I’ve never understood this argument. If the gun debate is dividing our country so much, and anti-gun laws will have no effect on gun violence, let such laws be passed. It will calm the divisiveness. If these laws are ineffective, this result will give pro-gun forces a much stronger argument than they already have to this effect.

Obviously, the pro-gun forces don’t want to go this route, out of fear that these laws will actually reduce gun violence, so they rely on predictive assertions as though they were established facts.

Johnson City

It does not follow

The comics are usually the first page I read in your paper. A certain amount of amusement in the morning usually starts the day in the right direction.

One can only imagine the dismay having found that the “Non-Sequitur” comic has taken a turn toward divisiveness, racism and misandry.

While mass murder is hardly a comedic subject, the direction “Non-Sequitur” has taken of blaming white men is not helpful. At worst it serves the agenda of those seeking power and control. The agenda divides the population into various subgroups. It further provides another subgroup to blame and hate. We have seen this before. From Lenin and Mao “It’s the rich people’s fault you are so poor and miserable. Let’s kill all the rich people and we will be better off.” From Hitler “It’s the Jews who have caused all the problems. Let’s kill all the Jews and we will be better off.” We know how well those agendas worked out.

“Non-Sequitur” seems to have jumped on the blame white men bandwagon. The author seems to have missed the point that almost every one of the mass murders was caused by the gross failure of government to protect its citizens. The popular solution seems to be to find a way to completely eliminate any viable method for the citizens to protect themselves.

A proper non-sequitur may be “Government you have repeatedly failed to protect us. Please take away our right to protect ourselves.”

Perhaps “Non-Sequitur” could be moved to the Opinion Page while the author continues on this divisive course. Or better dropped from your publication entirely.

Until then, I am not amused.

Johnson City

Nothing sinister about Unicoi retreat

I would like to address the Unicoi Retreat and the comments made by Ms. Perry.

I also drove the 100-plus miles to witness a working retreat. This retreat was suggested and monitored by Pat Hardy, a municipal program manager for the UT Institute of Public Service. Pat has held this job since 1989, so we can assume that he knows how best to help small towns like Unicoi.

The goal of a working retreat is to work — to work away from the distractions that would be present if held in Unicoi.

I can share what I witnessed. I saw our town leaders sacrificing a weekend with their families to spend uninterrupted time focusing on strategic plans that will take Unicoi into the future. They discussed issues like roads and grants. How exciting to hear about all the grants we have received because so many people believe that we are a progressive, deserving town.

I was a bit confused about Ms. Perry's comment about the costs. I heard many figures given during the course of the hours I attended. Of course, some costs were not yet available because the projects are in process. I was also confused about how Ms. Perry knew about the discussion of the future since she actually left on Saturday, and that discussion occurred on Sunday.

Obviously, it is not too difficult to get information if one wants it. For citizens unable to attend, the meetings were recorded, and citizens can make a request for the transcripts at City Hall. And just so folks know, no votes were taken. But for citizens who really want to know about the town, they can come to the Board of Mayor and Aldermen meeting on Monday, April 16, at 5:30. Come and support our board and our town!


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