Letters: Getting hot over climate ‘experts’

Johnson City Press • Mar 8, 2018 at 6:00 AM

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Getting hot over climate ‘experts’

I continue to see letters and articles from people who seem to have obtained their climate expertise from some popular magazine or political talking points.

When you bump into one of these local global warming “experts,” ask them how much they’ve studied such climate factors as polar amplification, atmospheric dehumidification, albedo, tropospheric “hot-spot,” solar cycles, Greenland and Antarctic ice cores, climate sensitivity, or stratospheric cooling. Ask for real answers.

In addition, ask them about the gross inadequacy of our global temperature measurement system (Global Historical Climate Network or GHCN), the source of those so-called “record” temperatures. You know, the one that’s seriously tainted by improper adjustments and urban heating.

Recently I read that (man-made) climate change is causing glaciers to retreat. But then, some of those receding glaciers have exposed ancient tree stumps still rooted in the ground, proving that trees once grew there. This has happened in multiple places around the world.

Several years ago, one local writer stated that she was afraid to go outside due to global warming. She obviously was unaware that the southeastern U.S. is the same temperature today that it was in 1895, one of several places around the world that officially haven’t warmed. We live in what’s called a “warming hole” in climate terminology. Unless she’s more than 123 years old, she was seriously mistaken.

Facts are important, but not to a climate alarmist. It’s all about the agenda.


Johnson City

Take a class on modern sporting

This letter is in response to one that appeared in the March 4 edition of the Johnson City Press by Sally Nagel. She needs to become better educated as to current gun descriptors and firearm types. First, “AR” is NOT an abbreviation for “assault rifle.” It stands for Armalite, the company first developing this style of firearm for the U.S. military. These rifles have been adapted for civilian use and are semi-automatic. A true “assault rifle” has select fire. Meaning that the operator can fire multiple rounds by holding the trigger in the fire position. No assault rifle can be now sold in the U.S., and has been so for decades. The rifles sold today are modern sporting rifles.

Second, she states that “(t)his weapon has no legitimate use in civilian society.” Maybe she has no use for one, but I wager she does not own livestock. With the ever increasing incidence of pack predators, such as coyotes, the losses they can inflict by killing calves, goats, llamas and other small animals shows she does not understand the difficulty in controlling such vermin.

Third, there are uses for such sporting rifles in our civilian society. Competitive sports such as three-gun competition and precision rifle shooting are but two.

Lastly, even the U.S. government, in seeking bids to supply weapons for their various agencies utilize the nomenclature “modern sporting rifle.”

I would recommend that anyone seeking to disarm the populace first become familiar with what is out there, their operation, and the proper name is for such firearms. They should understand why we have the Second Amendment. The federalist papers would be a good start. Then look to the horrors of Stalin, Mao and what is currently happening in Venezuela, where only those who support a tyrant have weapons.



Find a home for Jo

Hello, my name is Ashlyn Harrison. I'm a local in Johnson City, a junior in high school.

Recently I've been visiting the animal shelter once every week to check up on a dog there. Her name is Jo, she's a 4-5-year-old lab mix. She is the sweetest, most precious thing I have ever seen.

Sadly, I can't adopt her, considering I have four dogs of my own. So I've been taking lots of pictures every time I visit the shelter and making Facebook posts about her in hopes she'll find a home deserving of such an amazing cuddle bug.

Unfortunately, she is bad with farm animals, so I'm afraid of people being hesitant to adopt her.

If someone would give her a shot, she'd be the greatest pet. Please make her a part of the weekly pets sometime soon. Maybe someone will see it and she'll have a forever home. She deserves it.


Johnson City

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