Letters to the Forum: Christian morals are fading

Johnson City Press • Feb 15, 2018 at 12:00 AM

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Christian morals are fading

I personally want to thank Dennis Prager for so eloquently stating a problem that has gone unsaid for too long. Our Republic, that was founded on Judeo-Christian values, has for too long forgotten where we came from. Satan, working hand-in-hand with a certain political viewpoint, has so weakened the Biblical fiber of this country that it is time for another “Great Awakening.”

As Mr. Prager stated, “what we have today is worse than ignorance of the Bible; it is contempt for the Bible.”

Partially to blame for this condition is the public education of our children.

Since the early 1960s, when we were told that it is “unconstitutional” to pray and read the Bible in school, this country has been on a steady DOWNHILL slide, morally speaking.

Without the Bible, which is God’s word, this country is headed toward an unseemly ending. Therefore, I call on all who read this and want to see some sanity prevail take a stand for the truth and the word of God. The future could depend on all you may do.

Bluff City

Room for religion in science?

Attn: Blaine Schubert, Gray Fossil Site Director

May I reserve a time to present the Christian viewpoint of creation on site at the museum? I am confident that several other Christians would join me in this effort.

Yes, I have read in the Johnson City Press for two years now the coverage of Darwin Day at the museum.

My understanding is that the Gray site is funded at least partially by taxpayers.

I am requesting an equal amount of time for this Christian observance.

I/We would be glad to meet with you to schedule a time for the observance. I/We would be happy to go over the complete content of the presentation.

Piney Flats

Rights come with responsibility

Americans have many rights, such as the freedom of speech. Yet even this is not without limitations. For example, people are not allowed to yell “Fire!” in a crowded theater when there is not a fire. There are libel laws that protect a person’s reputation. Speech that incites or produces imminent lawless action is restricted as are “fighting words,” which incite an immediate breach of peace.

Another right we have is the right to own guns. However, reasonable restrictions could help prevent reckless and unsafe behaviors, just like the purpose of the restrictions on free speech. Guns with bump stocks are truly weapons of mass destruction. Their purpose is to shoot as many rounds as possible in the shortest period of time resulting in maximum fatalities and injuries. The United States government started a war because it SUSPECTED another country had weapons of mass destruction. The “right” to own a gun with a bump stock does not override our right to public safety. In fact, I submit that no one has the “right” to own a gun with a bump stock. This is a reasonable restriction that does not infringe upon “the right to bear arms.”


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