Letters: End of the year thoughts

Contributed To The Press • Dec 28, 2017 at 12:00 AM

It appears that 2017 will end like it started and continue into 2018. The two major parties cannot agree on anything. One side blames the other when both sides are at fault.

Suppose the Republicans came up with a plan to give every person in the country a check for $10,000, Democrats would want the amount to be $20,000. If the Democrats wanted to cut corporate taxes by 20  percent, Republicans would want a 30 percent break. The point is what one party comes up with will never be good enough to satisfy the other side of the aisle.

How can a tax code that is still over 1,000-plus pages long be considered simplified? What happened to the premise that you would be able to file your taxes on an index card? This probably holds true for the majority of the average wage earner.

Here is an idea. Everybody pays 15 percent (just a number for reference) regardless of whether you are an individual tax payer or corporation. No deductions for anything or anybody. The country would save millions on reducing the size of the IRS.

It has been stated that the federal government gives back to the states most if not all of the taxes it collects in the form of federal subsidies, such as for health care. If that is the case then why bother? 

As for the “Dreamers,” this group wants an easy path to citizenship. I believe there is already a path that is law. You meet the criteria and you become an American citizen. Knowing that this is the law of the land why haven’t these so-called Dreamers taken the citizenship test, especially if they have been in country for 20 years?

I think all this group wants is some sort of decree and not follow the legal procedure that has been in place almost as long as the USA has existed.

Happy New Year!



About more than money

Ancient Rome ruled because it had a road system and could extend it’s power moving huge armies quickly.The control of our planetary internet should not belong to a privileged few.

We are all on the same ball of dirt and water. When we can see earth from the international space station via the internet, we realize that — maybe from a different perspective. The divisions and differences between groups, clans, cliques, gangs, countries and families should not be exploited.

Ideas and perceptions being shared and reshaped is how science can advance and improve our lives and our species. It’s not just money that is a concern.


Johnson City

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