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Why do evangelical Christians support Trump?

• Updated Dec 21, 2017 at 8:05 AM

The social justice arms of the mainline Protestant, Catholic and Jewish organizations have taken extraordinary steps to mobilize civic action against the Trump administration's attacks on the civil rights of racial, ethnic and religious groups and America's steady advance toward greater civility and justice. There's little tolerance for the ugliness, moral failings and glaring unfitness for governance that characterized Trump's campaign and continues in his presidency.

Absent is the bulk of evangelical Christians, who uncritically bought Trump's spiel and couldn't be dissuaded by his constant lies, record of shady business dealings, self-exposed predatory sexual behavior and blatant hypocrisy. Evangelicals were key to propelling such a one into the presidency. It's about as dramatic an about-face as perplexed observers have ever witnessed, on the scale of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

They went from the protectors of "family values" to unquestioning support of a bottom-feeding and likely corrupt businessman, prodigious liar and gleeful boaster of his own sexual deviancy in the space of one political campaign. And they join him to hide behind ludicrous claims of "fake news" and conspiracy theories.

The hierarchy, at least of the Southern Baptist Convention, remains true to its values. Hundreds of Liberty University students maintain their stature by speaking against university president Jerry Falwell Jr.’s uncritical support of Trump, hundreds of Liberty graduates have or plan to return their diplomas in protest and young people, especially young men, are leaving the evangelical faith in droves. I can’t help but believe support of Trump will be an indelible stain they’ll sadly regret.

Their excuse is the hope of outlawing abortion — as if that could stop abortions. How ironic to stake their reputation on a self-identified libertine whose callous and careless sexual past is of the sort that creates demand for the practice they hate.


Johnson City

ACT now

Thank you, state Rep. Matthew Hill, for introducing the idea of using the ACT test as the sole test for teacher and student evaluations in Tennessee. Our teachers and students are so stressed out with the current TNReady tests.

Teachers have to teach the standards for the TNReady and ACT tests, which leaves them trying to juggle both testing standards instead of just being able to concentrate on teaching one or the other. Years ago, we sent astronauts into space by teaching the old-school way and not teaching for tests.

I am definitely for less testing and more old-school teaching.


Johnson City

A tax scam bill

So now we know why Sen. Bob Corker changed his “principled” stance against the Republican tax scam bill. His vote was bought by a provision that will benefit him personally. As admitted by Sen. John Cornyn on a Sunday talk show, a last-minute change to the tax scam bill was made to buy Corker’s vote and personally save him millions in taxes.

Apparently Corker no longer cares that this bill will add $1.5 trillion dollars to the deficit, as long as he benefits personally. I call on both our senators, as well as Congressman Phil Roe, to immediately disclose how much money they will personally save under their tax scam bill.

One thing that is certain is that Corker, Roe and others will be back next year for your Social Security and your Medicare, claiming that the deficit is “out of control” and the only way to tame it is to cut your benefits. Remember, these are the people who permanently cut the corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 21 percent while making your 1 percent cut temporary.


Johnson City

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